The Moment of a Lifetime: The Chicago Cubs Won the World Series

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The Moment of a Lifetime: The Chicago Cubs Won the World Series

Chicago Cubs

Like me, you woke up today (eventually) in a world where the Chicago Cubs are the World Series champions. Digesting that – fully embracing that – is going to take a little time. As best I can figure, we’re in for a very nice stretch of days where we can just roll around in the feeling, thinking about this wonderful season and last night’s epic exclamation point, and then smiling to ourselves. Maybe we can even hold onto this feeling forever.

I will have a longer, more thoughtful write-up on the championship soon. For now, for this morning, I wanted to highlight the celebration’s that came out of last night’s win, arguably the biggest win in the history of sports. How do you even celebrate something like that?

For me, for what it’s worth: I lost my mind with some friends at the watch party at The Metro. I couldn’t help but take some video, and I think this pretty much sums up the reaction, including the complete loss of control of the camera:

I hugged everyone more times than I can count, I sobbed for two stretches of time, I lost myself in the sea of joyous humanity around Wrigley Field, and I eventually made it to the marquee to see the words we’ve waited so long to see:

More from the moment of the win, the ensuing celebration, and the moment of a lifetime:

And I just cried again:

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Author: Brett Taylor

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