Insisting on Hustle, Resting Veterans, Pranking Schwarber, and Other Bullets

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Insisting on Hustle, Resting Veterans, Pranking Schwarber, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

It’s going to be a good day to poke around Twitter, as the Cubs head to the White House. There figure to be a lot of good pictures like this:

They clean up well. Still waiting to see who busts out the Jonny Gomes ‘Merica gear.

  • At the Convention yesterday, a fan asked the obligatory “why don’t they hustle” question (albeit, to his credit, with a huge caveat that everything is great, the Cubs just won it all, he’s not complaining, etc.). Jason McLeod’s response:

  • So, then. It’s the kind of thing we anticipated was true, based on a number of times when minor leaguers were pulled from games, we panicked about injuries, and then nothing happened (and onlookers later would tell us, “Well, I was there, and he didn’t run out a groundball, so maybe it was that.”). Worth keeping in mind this year when a player is pulled. Also, on the Soler part … well, if you were ever looking for confirmation that it happened sometimes, there you go.
  • At the big league level, there are certain game situations – high-leverage moments – when yanking a guy is probably not going to be prudent, but at least now the curmudgeons among Cubs fandom know definitively that this is something the Cubs track. (For me, as long as there’s some baseline level of effort, I’m not gonna lose my mind because a guy doesn’t kill himself on every grounder. But if there’s an obvious, repeated lack of effort, well, then there’s a problem.)
  • You can expect to see even more rest for veterans this Spring Training than usual, given the very long season in 2016 (Tribune). I’d add that it seemed like there was already extra rest last year, and clearly that was a benefit down the stretch.

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