The Cubs Are Headed Back to the NLCS … It's Party Time!

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The Cubs Are Headed Back to the NLCS … It’s Party Time!

Chicago Cubs

With their win last night against the Washington Nationals, the Chicago Cubs have safely advanced to their third consecutive National League Championship Series! #SustainedSuccess #Blessed #WeAreGood #LetsWinTwo #TurningAnOceanLiner #MikeQuade #etc.

We’re going to talk about the game all day (we’ll probably never forget that one), while also looking ahead to the upcoming series against the Dodgers, but before we do any of that, let’s just kick back and enjoy some celebratory videos, gifs, and pictures. We earned it.

First, let’s look at the final out:

Then, of course, the classic mound shot (they’re pros at this by now):

Followed by the traditional champaign-shower, including a hilariously non-smiling John Lackey in slow motion:

Quick shower before bed. #FlyTheW

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We can’t forget the marquee, of course:

… Or the future:

This is the moment I think we all knew which way this game was going to go, even if we didn’t let ourselves believe it:

I call this masterpiece, “The privileges of being a veteran”:

How about a little cross-promotional, cross-town fun from our football friends?

Dancin’ in tha streets:

The odds …

The gear:

And, finally, of course, the goal:

Lets. Go. Cubs.

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Author: Michael Cerami

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