This Machado Stuff Will Be the Death of Me: Russell, Montgomery, AND Almora for Machado? Come On ...

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This Machado Stuff Will Be the Death of Me: Russell, Montgomery, AND Almora for Machado? Come On …

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Today could be the day that Baltimore Orioles superstar infielder Manny Machado is traded … or pulled off the market entirely.

We’ve discussed the hypothetical trades involving the Cubs at length over the past few days, and although we can all acknowledge that the Cubs were right to check in when one of the game’s best becomes available, regardless of the fit, it’s been impossible for all corners of Cubs fandom to come to any kind of consensus on what “value” is appropriate in trade for one year of Manny Machado at approximately $17 million in salary.

Maybe we can all agree on this one, though?

According to MASN’s Roch Kubatko in Baltimore: “I’ve heard that the Cubs’ discussions with the Orioles included shortstop Addison Russell, center fielder Albert Almora Jr. and left-hander Mike Montgomery.” Kubatko follows that up by disregarding the rumor, because he believes the Orioles would be wrong to do it: “The Orioles aren’t going to come away from a trade with the only pitcher being Montgomery, though they’d gladly take him as a needed southpaw.”

Four cost-controlled years of a 23-year-old stud defensive shortstop with offensive upside, five cost-controlled years of a 23-year-old stud defensive center fielder with offensive upside, and four cost-controlled years of a 28-year-old solid swing pitcher with starter upside is not enough for one, $17 million year of Manny Machado. We can no longer see the rails because we went off them so far ago.

Kubatko is usually pretty well plugged into the Orioles, so I really don’t know what to make of that one. You can read his full report here, and the Orioles’ fans comments at the bottom. That’ll really get you going.

Presuming the many reports are correct that the Cubs were one of the teams that reached out on Machado, I’ll say that I do believe those are three names that could have come up in conversations, from one side or the other. I do not, however, believe the Cubs offered all three for Machado, nor do I believe the Orioles – if sane – wouldn’t eagerly gobble that offer up if it were made.

I’ve come to a place where I will not flat out call those of you who want to swap Russell (and his contract/team control situation) for Machado (and his contract/team control situation). I strongly, strongly disagree with you, but I understand your reasons. But if any of you are out there who want to trade these three guys for Machado, I would like to fight you.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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