REPORT: Jake Arrieta Expected to Sign in "Next Couple Days", Phillies the Favorite (UPDATES: PHI Reportedly Agree)

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REPORT: Jake Arrieta Expected to Sign in “Next Couple Days”, Phillies the Favorite (UPDATES: PHI Reportedly Agree)

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[He’s reportedly reached an agreement. Original post and updates follows.]

We’ve seen a whole lot of activity in free agency in the past week, as players decide that it’s time to take what they can get and suit up for the season ahead.

It hasn’t been a certainty that all of the outstanding free agents would sign before the season begins, including outgoing Cubs starter Jake Arrieta, who could wait until after the June draft to sign, when he won’t be tied to draft pick compensation. The Cubs, in that case, would no longer get a compensatory pick after the second round.

According to Bob Nightengale, though, that’s not going to happen:

Going back months now, I’ve felt like the Phillies made as much sense as any club for Arrieta, given their available cash and current turning point. Get Arrieta for a relative bargain now, and then whether you turn the corner this or next season, you’ve got a solid arm in the rotation, surrounded by young talent. They’ve reportedly been holding fast at a three-year offer on Arrieta (and anyone else), and I wonder if Arrieta is ready to go that route, or if he’ll prefer something very short-term at this point (or one of those front-loaded, multiple-early-opt-out deals).

Signing with the Phillies would also, incidentally, be good for the Cubs insofar as it wouldn’t be Arrieta going to the Brewers or the Cardinals, and competing with the Cubs more directly. I think most of us just don’t want to see that (short of those clubs inking a crippling contract (something that isn’t going to happen at this point either way)). The Twins would have been another conceivable suitor, but they just signed Lance Lynn.

Hopefully Arrieta gets signed soon, and get moving on with his next season. Even setting aside Cubs-related implications, I’d just like to see him find a good landing spot. Also: no, I don’t see a bargain deal with the Cubs happening.

UPDATE: Eyes and ears open:

Given Heyman’s frequent connection to Scott Boras-related news and rumors, I tend to buy that this is going to happen:

UPDATE 2: It’s happening, and it won’t be a one-year deal:

UPDATE 3: It’s a three-year deal, and more details are here.

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