Fun with Jason Heyward's Walk-Off Grand Slam (Did You Know He Hit a Walk-Off Grand Slam? He Did!)

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Fun with Jason Heyward’s Walk-Off Grand Slam (Did You Know He Hit a Walk-Off Grand Slam? He Did!)

Chicago Cubs

Baseball is made to break your heart, but it also rewards you with moments like last night if you stick with it. Those moments are rare, though – especially that level of craziness – so you’ve gotta savor ’em when they come.

Hence, a whole bunch more random fun and awesome stuff to share about Jason Heyward’s WALK-OFF GRAND SLAM …

  • First, here it is again, because you can’t see this too much:

  • The Philadelphia call is a really enjoyable addition to the end there. Completely flatly: “In the air to right center field. And this is going to be a walk-off grand slam. Wow.” The Phillies broadcast in Spanish was just as flat, and similarly ended with an actual “aye caramba.” I agree. Aye caramba indeed.
  • And that was no basket shot, either, like the two Phillies homers that accounted for all of their runs. Heyward hit that thing out at 106.9 MPH, and it went 415 feet way into the right center field bleachers.
  • Love from his teammates:

(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
  • This guy is everyone – long after Heyward had circled the bases, dude’s still like what-in-the-what-just-happened:

  • Jason Heyward was hitting just .139/.205/.139 off lefties this year before that swing. You are reading that correctly: he had not only been brutally bad, but he didn’t have a single extra-base hit of any variety. Bonus? Phillies lefty Adam Morgan hadn’t given up an extra-base hit to a lefty yet this year either.
  • The Cubs didn’t have a walk-off win yet this year. That was, uh, a pretty good first one.
  • History:

  • Also, Anthony Rizzo called it:

  • Michael notes the level of awesomeness:

  • Luis is funny:

  • Team meeting:

  • Pretty good numbers lately:

  • And the in-crowd view from none other than Bears tight end Zach Miller, who was at the game to throw out a first pitch:

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.