WATCH: Anthony Rizzo and Javy Baez Team Up for an Incredible Double Play on a Bunt

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WATCH: Anthony Rizzo and Javy Baez Team Up for an Incredible Double Play on a Bunt

Chicago Cubs

Thanks to the hit-by-a-Mac-truck sickness I’m fighting off today, I missed most of today’s win trying to rest and recover. Cubs games are not conducive to me being chill and resting. Imagine that.

I’m temporarily up and around again for a bit, and I’ve been reviewing write-ups and highlights from the game, and there was a play relatively early in the game that is leaping off the screen at me, because it’s one we haven’t seen all that much this year, and it was executed exceptionally well.

With the Tigers putting the first three runners of the fourth inning on base and extending their lead to 3-0, things were threatening to get a bit out of hand. Fortunately for the Cubs, with one out in the frame and two on, the pitcher, Michael Fulmer, came to the plate and was asked to bunt. A free out is always swell.

But you know what’s better? Two outs:

Over the past few years, the Cubs have developed that EXTREME hard-charging defense on expected sac bunts, with Anthony Rizzo fearlessly trying to take the ball practically off of the bat. We haven’t seen it as much this year, for whatever reason (thinking back, I tend to see it more as circumstance than a functional change, though I suppose we have seen many batters taking the bat back for a swing to try to temper the Cubs’ aggressiveness).

Rizzo fields the ball all the way over on the third base side, makes a perfect throw to Javy Baez at third, who in turn makes a perfect, strong throw of his own to complete the improbable double play. That wasn’t even a bad bunt right there, and Fulmer actually did a good job getting out of the box and hustling. It’s just, well, you’re up against it, dude.

Gorgeous. Almost makes me feel like I’m not sick at all.

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