From Nearly Out of Baseball to Cubs Legend: So Much More Fun to Be Had With David Bote's Grand Slam

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From Nearly Out of Baseball to Cubs Legend: So Much More Fun to Be Had With David Bote’s Grand Slam

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Aside from the fact that it was the regular season and not Game Seven of the World Series, David Bote’s home run last night was THE maximal version of any kind of home run you could possibly hit. It was the EXTREME version of the moment you dream about as a kid taking hacks in the backyard. And Bote actually did it, only a couple years after he was nearly out of the sport entirely.

Suffice to say, it is extremely rare that a homer plays out like that:

  • If you need an excuse to watch it again, here it is – the full comeback in the 9th – with Pat Hughes and Ron Coomer on the call, and so many beautiful angles (

  • Man. My dude was FLYING around the bases – both with his arms, and also with his pace. One of the faster home run trots you’ll see. Couldn’t wait to get to home plate. I can’ blame him.
(Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images)
  • Not to be lost in what Bote did with that low pitch is the fact that the Nationals gave the Cubs each of those three baserunners. Thanks!
  • That blast was 110-mph off the bat for Bote, which sounds about right for the guy who is THE hardest-hitting batter in all of baseball:

  • Bote is now up to .329/.418/.539 (154 wRC+) on the year. When he’s been up, he’s been one of the best hitters in baseball, and he’s approaching that 100 plate appearance threshold where you can have more confidence that this is “real.” (But, let me just add: you can’t really fake that kind of exit velocity. Hitting the shit out of the ball is not luck when you do it 50+ times in the big leagues. That doesn’t mean it’ll last forever, but it does mean his .400 BABIP is largely earned to this point.)
  • From the man, himself:

  • Heh. I always like this schtick, but it works especially well for this one:

  • A very lucky fan got to meet Bote:

  • Matt Wieters looked like he’d been physically assaulted by Bote’s swing:

  • The in-crowd videos, man. I love them so much. Every corner of Wrigley Field was going nuts BEFORE Bote’s blast, and then it was just pandemonium:

  • Weird but also neat and fun:

  • Someone out there was having some fun on Wikipedia:

  • In conclusion, don’t tell me I can’t fly:

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