Cole Hamels' Nice Outing, Crazy Travel Ahead, deGrom'd, and Other Bullets

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Cole Hamels’ Nice Outing, Crazy Travel Ahead, deGrom’d, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

It’s really weird to be doing Bullets in the middle of a game. At this moment, the Cubs have neither won nor lost the game they are involved in. Or maybe they’ve both won and lost at the same time, and it is only when we observe the game today that one path is demonstrated. Schrodinger’s Cubs.

  • Are you ready for a doubleheader!?!? Kind of! The Cubs and Mets will resume their game at the start of the 10th inning (plus a two-ball count for the Mets because the umpires needed to see 30 seconds of additional rain before calling for the tarp) at noon today, and then the regularly-scheduled game will pick up after that one finishes. For the Cubs’ sake, you hope this game wraps up very quickly: consider that they have their insane travel schedule coming, with a trip tonight to Atlanta for one game tomorrow, and then immediate travel thereafter to Philadelphia for a three-game set. Having to finish up a second game today is extremely not ideal. Keep that in mind when evaluating how the Cubs look over the next few days.
  • Obviously you’d like to see more than five innings, but given the complete game last time out and how pesky the Mets hitters were being at times, you will absolutely take Cole Hamels’ outing last night. Even when he got into trouble, he just digs deeper into his toolbox, grabs a different pitch, commands the hell out of it, and gets out of the inning. It was a clinic at times.
  • Hamels’ line on the night was 5.0 innings, 4 H, 3 BB, 8 K. Also, nice:

What a start to Cole Hamels' #Cubs career …

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  • Hamels was bested by Jacob deGrom by a couple innings, but there’s no shame in that, nor for the Cubs’ hitters who managed to at least scratch out one run off the surefire Cy Young finalist (deGrom, Max Scherzer, Aaron Nola – book it now). At least now the Cubs are facing the Mets’ bullpen in the resumed game today.
  • David Bote’s sac fly probably would have been a three-run homer earlier in the game – it was 105 mph off the bat at a 31 degree launch angle – but the wind had shifted with the storm approaching, making this photo just a stirring shot of a majestic out:
(Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
  • Love going out to Fergie Jenkins and his family:

  • Addison Russell resumed baseball activities yesterday for the first time since he was shut down with various issues – mostly his left hand – on August 20 ( He was throwing on the field before yesterday’s game, because he’s also getting past some shoulder soreness (which has popped up in the past).
  • Been a rough stretch for Carl Edwards Jr., but he sure looked good last night:

  • The Cubs do a great series of fan-driven Q&A, and the one with third base coach Brian Butterfield has a bunch of gems – you’ll want to check them out in the Cubs’ Twitter feed. Example that had me chuckling:

  • Players these days are so soft, you know:

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