Put Your Hat Away - That's Ben Zobrist's Ball! (VIDEO)

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Put Your Hat Away – That’s Ben Zobrist’s Ball! (VIDEO)

Chicago Cubs

With Jason Heyward on the shelf thanks to a bum hammy, the Cubs have been filling in with various players in right field. Fortunately for them, not only are their several available options, but there’s also a guy you’d want to see in the lineup regularly anyway who can play a little right field.

That guy is Ben Zobrist, who is raking this year, and who was semi-displaced from the infield by the addition of Daniel Murphy, combined with the returns of Kris Bryant and Addison Russell. I say semi-displaced, because it’s not like the Cubs wouldn’t still find a way to get Zobrist’s .312/.385/.455 (127 wRC+) bat in there somewhere, regardless of who else was available.

But, hey, maybe he’s not just in there for his bat. Out in right field last night, Zobrist looked a bit like Heyward on a really tough play going hard into the tiny section of foul territory in right field, where you’re just a step away from flipping yourself over a brick wall:

That’s a tough play for any outfielder, but when you factor in Zobrist’s versatility? The fact that he plays all over the field and can still do something like that in the outfield? While being a 37-year-old with a bat like his? Dang. That’s impressive.

Even more impressive? Zobrist pulled off the catch despite a fan trying to snag the ball with his hat. Have we learned nothing, people?!?

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Author: Brett Taylor

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