Bryce Harper Talks Reportedly "Intensified" (Phillies?), But I Just Assume Nothing Will Happen (UPDATES)

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Bryce Harper Talks Reportedly “Intensified” (Phillies?), But I Just Assume Nothing Will Happen (UPDATES)

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It remains the case that wherever Bryce Harper signs – it won’t be with the Cubs – it will necessarily have a huge impact on the league. He has the potential to be that transformative on the right roster. (Ditto also-unsigned Manny Machado.) So I follow the story closely, even as the Cubs long ago made it quite clear that they are sitting this opportunity out.

But, until something actually happens, I will regard all reports like this with the utmost suspicion:

Because he has a penchant for good scoops from Scott Boras clients, you pay a little more attention to Jon Heyman on this front than some others, but this is the second time in a few days when it sounded like things were about to go down with Harper (after many other fits and spurts over the past month). Sure, you figure the guy has to sign at some point soon, what with Spring Training underway, but it’s hard to feel like “IT’S HAPPENING” until it’s actually a done deal.

A lot of us pegged Harper, eventually, to the Phillies many months ago. I still think that’s what is going to happen. When it does, the NL East (and Wild Card race) will become all the more brutal. Stay tuned. Whether it’s now or next week or next month, something will happen at some point.

UPDATE: We’ll see, but to me this suggests Harper has an acceptable offer now from the Phillies, and his camp is simply giving other teams a final chance to beat it:

UPDATE 2: Well, Bob Nightengale is shooting his shot:

Author: Brett Taylor

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