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Enhanced Box Score: Reds 6, Cubs 5 – May 24, 2019

Chicago Cubs

Well that sucks. I’m getting really sick of blowing games. And REALLY REALLY sick of losing games to the freakin’ Reds. Sigh.

Although the weather didn’t call for it, this game looked like it would be loaded with Cub offense early on, when Kyle Schwarber went deep to lead things off and then the Bryzzo Souvenir company did their best to create some new products with back-to-back jacks in the third. But then … it was just radio silence. At least, from the Cubs.

The Reds bullpen kept the Cubs offense at bay from the end of the fourth inning through the 7th, while the Reds offense started chipping away. And it wasn’t until there was a pinch-hitter (Willson Contreras) with two outs in the bottom of 8th that the Cubs finally took back the lead they had given up along the way. Unfortunately, that lead did not last long as the replacement-replacement closer, Steve Cishek, came in and walked Joey Votto before giving up the go-ahead run on a two-run Eugenio Suarez homer (his 14th of the year).

So, you know … GO GET A CLOSER.

And it’s not just about having another good reliever to throw into the mix. Steve Cishek *is* a good reliever and has been huge for the Cubs since the beginning of last season. But he’s being forced into a role for which he’s not necessarily best-suited. When you have your more traditional closers back in place, guys like Cishek, Brad Brach, and Brandon Kintzler’s (etc.) performances can be maximized. Right now … we just get this. We just get blown save after blown save.

So, to that end … does anyone know how to file a missing persons report?

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Author: Michael Cerami

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