Shutouts Are Bad, Verlander's No-Hitter Sparks Memories, Bunting, and Other Bullets

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Shutouts Are Bad, Verlander’s No-Hitter Sparks Memories, Bunting, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs have an opportunity to win a couple games now against a bad Mariners team, at home. TAKE ADVANTAGE.

  • Back-to-back shutouts are bad. That is the first bullet today. It is the first bullet with a bullet.
  • A non-Cubs bit that becomes a Cubs bit. Justin Verlander threw his third career no-hitter, and, at age 36, is still absurdly dominant:

  • That trade to the Astros, man, it just totally turned him right back around. It’s easy to forget how it kinda looked like he was fading at that point in his career back in 2017. Sometimes I think about how the Cubs could not/did not make that deal work in August of that year, and I go back to read the postmortem. Verlander wanted the Cubs, and the Cubs kinda wanted him, but not as much as the Astros did. The Cubs were willing to take on the contract, but didn’t want to give up a significant prospect package (which made sense at the time, but … ), and the Astros, conversely, were willing to give up much more prospect currency if the Tigers ate some salary. The deal got done, and the rest is history. No one can know whether Verlander would have done THIS with the Cubs (indeed, I suspect not, given how the Astros have been uniquely incredible at getting the most out of pitchers). Still, it stings a little when these moments happen.
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  • I don’t really get how you bring in Jason Heyward to pinch-hit in the 6th inning with two on and nobody out, and you suggest to him that he should bunt:

  • If you want a bunt, bring in a pitcher or something, or just let Albert Almora do the bunting. If you want a dude to hit, let him hit. It’s hard enough to come off the bench. I’m sure we’ve all grown tired of picking at every managerial decision we find unpalatable, but I just don’t get it.
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  • Ben Zobrist’s return:

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  • I love this:

  • The Dodgers are unbelievable, and are one of the organizations the Cubs obviously need to be emulating:

  • What do you even say:

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