League's Collusion Defense Might Be "Nuh Uh", Iowa Manager, Darvish as Rizzo, and Other Cubs Bullets

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League’s Collusion Defense Might Be “Nuh Uh”, Iowa Manager, Darvish as Rizzo, and Other Cubs Bullets

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  • So, the big news last night if you missed it: the MLBPA is launching a collusion investigation based on comments Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos made about talking to other teams about free agents. You’re not allowed to “act in concert” when it comes to free agent signings, though it seemed more like Anthopoulos was speaking more generally than that. Still, given the state of things, if the players have an opportunity to push on the collusion question, they are absolutely going to take it, especially while CBA negotiations are going on – they need every bit of leverage they can get.
  • For his part, Anthopoulos has put out a statement, taking a different tack than I expected. Instead of explaining that he was merely talking about free agency generally as it relates to trade talks with other teams, Anthopoulos is saying he flat out didn’t actually mean that and didn’t actually say it:

  • The Braves sure do like to step on their own parts when it comes to league-wide problems, eh? You’ll recall, they’re only just now coming out from under the hammer of punishment for their IFA misdealings (which were more widespread than just the Braves, but most egregious there), which is how Anthopoulos wound up with this job in the first place.
  • Ultimately, what happens in this fight is going to depend a great deal on how the offseason proceeds. So we’ll see what free agency looks like when it gets going (and how long it takes).
  • A good deeper dive from Jeff Passan on what this fight looks like right now, and how the union could proceed:

  • Good news here, as Pevey is very well-liked and well-regarded by the players, and Iowa sure was awesome this year:

  • Yanthony Rizzish:

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Guess who?

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  • I love that Darvish was getting feedback directly from the man, himself, in the comments:

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  • Bryan reminding folks just how much the Cubs harmed themselves unnecessarily on the offensive side of the ball:

  • Cool thing the Cubs are doing for season ticket holders:

  • Those previously-announced DRS changes are going to yield some utterly enormous defensive swings for some players:

  • It makes sense that a lot of the big swings are for defenders on the left side of the infield, since they are often the most impacted by extreme shifts (which were largely excluded from DRS previously). Consider this a reminder that advanced defensive metrics are STILL a work in progress.
  • Hey, the Bulls built another huge lead and actually held on this time:

  • I’m nascent in my Bulls fandom, and I’ll admit completely to being way more focused on Cubs offseason stuff and Bears drama. So I don’t watch a lot yet. But I’m trying to get more into basketball, not just because we’re doing it here, but because this Bulls team actually seems like it could have a lotta fun young players. But anyway, the last three times I’ve tuned into a game – no exaggeration – the other team has gone on a long run, and I have not seen the Bulls score a single bucket live in any of their past three games. It is the most insane thing, and each time, when I turn the game off in disgust, the Bulls score right away, so I’m convinced I should leave it off. And I have. Sports fandom is so freaking stupid, isn’t it?
  • Sign him:

  • 108 days:

Author: Brett Taylor

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