Yu Darvish Likes To Guess People's Blood Type … And He's Weirdly Good At It

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Yu Darvish Likes To Guess People’s Blood Type … And He’s Weirdly Good At It

Chicago Cubs

Yu Darvish is awesome. At baseball. At Twitter. At life.

And apparently, at guessing the blood type of his teammates, friends, coaches, agents, you name it! Really!

In what is certainly going to be the most bizarre story you read today, Jesse Rogers caught up with Cubs starter Yu Darvish and unraveled the sort of strange party trick only Darvish could pull off.

Here’s a snippet of their conversation from Arizona:

“It’s what I might use in casual conversation,” Darvish explained recently at Cubs camp. “Like [catcher] Victor Caratini might walk by and we’ll carry on the conversation.” And from that conversation, Darvish can guess his blood type. He explains:

“So there is Type A. That person is organized. Type B isn’t exactly selfish but he goes his own way. Type O is laid back, a ‘whatever happens’ type of guy. AB is weird or different.”

As he says all this, his catcher actually walks by. Darvish points back at Caratini as he passes.

“He’s Type B,” Darvish says with a smile. “I know it.”

Rogers goes onto explain that it’s a little more common to know one’s own blood type in Japan than it is here in America, which helps explain the origin of the trick … but it’s only part of the story. For the rest, you should hop over to Rogers’ post at ESPN, and note only that it all actually started when Darvish was a free agent back in 2018.

Meanwhile, his teammates are getting a kick out of it. Steven Souza said it’s “crazy,” Tyler Chatwood … also said “it’s crazy.” And Daniel Descalso said: “That’s a strange, hidden talent. Some guys can juggle. Some guys can do card tricks. I’ve never heard of guessing blood types.”

Me either, Daniel. Me either.

Much more at ESPN. 

Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami covers the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls at Bleacher Nation. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami