Staying Nimble and Kind as We Adjust, Taking Care of Minor Leaguers, Actual Fun, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Staying Nimble and Kind as We Adjust, Taking Care of Minor Leaguers, Actual Fun, and Other Cubs Bullets

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The kiddos are off to school today for the last time for at least three weeks thereafter. That’s gonna be a really weird, challenging mini-summer. I appreciate all the community efforts we’re seeing – national, state, local, sports, concerts, etc. – to slow down the spread of COVID-19 (which is what will allow our health care system to capably treat as many people as possible without being overwhelmed (which reduces fatalities among the older and at-risk)). Still, it’s another one of those smaller ways that our lives are going to be impacted right now. Like when The Little Girl had her art show – she was so proud – cancelled this week. Adjustments on adjustments.

Still, it feels like a very small thing to adjust to after the waves of massive, life-changing adjustments we’ve seen just over the past 48 hours. The kids who had their college careers end in a blink. The stadium workers who may have just lost so much of what they need to earn. The businesses that might not survive the loss of crowds for an undetermined length of time. Whatever we can do for each other these days, we should. I’m still mentally scrambling a bit to figure out what that is, but I guess that’s the “staying nimble” part.

  • Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts’ statement on COVID-19 and the suspension of play in baseball for now:

  • Obviously, with MLB shut down, Minor League Baseball is also shutting down conventional Spring Training and delaying the start of their season. We’re still waiting to find out whether they will continue to work out in Arizona, and how they will be taken care of during that time:

  • Epstein is not in a position to unilaterally commit to financial aid to the entire organization in a completely unprecedented situation – we don’t even know who is staying, who is going, etc. – but I do very much appreciate that this is at the top of their minds right now as an organization. Hopefully the young players, who aren’t even being paid to be at Spring Training (which is its own longstanding problem), are properly assisted through this weird time.
  • There may be no baseball right now, but the Cubs are still playing games on Twitter. After White Sox pitcher Carlos Rodon tweeted one of those “we’re not out of toilet paper” memes with pictures of Cubs shirts, the Cubs Twitter account dropped this PERFECT memory – it’s Hawk Harrelson being given an award, and then being interrupted by a massive Kyle Schwarber homer off of none other than Rodon:

  • And then Rodon deleted his tweet. Owned.
  • Jake Arrieta left his start yesterday with shoulder stiffness, and thankfully it sounds precautionary. Because that would’ve been massively screwed up if a guy suffered a serious injury pitching in a Spring Training game at the same time that all of those games were being cancelled.
  • In some unbelievable timing, Marquee finally launched on Hulu+ Live TV … yesterday. On the bright side for folks who have that service, at least you’ll be able to watch some Cubs-related programming at a time when there are no sports?
  • Extremely well put by Pete Alonso, in particular the ending, which gets cut off by the embed: “We are all strong; every one of us. It’s our duty to protect people who are at high risk. As much as we hate it not having sports, it’s our duty to protect others.”

  • Mike Trout with the apt reminder that it can feel at the start of these things like it will never end … but it will:

  • Past non-labor-related work stoppages in baseball:

  • The non-baseball-related procedure that kept Trey Mancini out involved a cancerous tumor in his colon:

  • All the best to the man as he recovers and I hope he makes it back this season.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.