Matt's Magical Bat, Vin's Comforting Words, Sign-Stealing Lawsuit, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Matt’s Magical Bat, Vin’s Comforting Words, Sign-Stealing Lawsuit, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Lockdown status check: although it’s pretty freaking hard to eat healthy right now, I have apparently not being doing horribly, because I haven’t packed on weight. But since I can’t go to the gym, I’m pretty sure I’m just losing muscle mass (and I didn’t have a lot to start with!). I am still exercising every day, but it’s not the same – I’m one of those people who just needs the push from a class setting to really get me to do the work in a sufficiently aggressive way. I will probably have to start doing some online classes.

  • Oh, also, remember how mad and wrong Adrian Gonzalez was:

  • Dude IMMEDIATELY got on Twitter after that NLCS game to post this:

  • Marlins Park will soon be made available for drive-thru COVID-19 testing, which will hopefully be coming quickly to more places around the country. Even after the virus spreads widely – as it has – it still becomes very important information to know where outbreaks are occurring, how long they last, etc.
  • Perusing LEGO stuff at Amazon today, and it looks like there are a variety of sets on sale, so heads up if you like to build or want something to do with the kids. #ad
  • Among the several sign-stealing lawsuits out there (players who were harmed by Astros/Red Sox cheating, ticket holders, etc.), the first to reach a decisive stage in the process is the one brought by daily fantasy players – a motion to dismiss their case is being argued and a decision on whether their case can proceed should come next month. Interesting read here at The Athletic on the case, where I think most would agree that the fantasy players did get screwed by the cheating, but the question is whether you’re even able to file a lawsuit in this situation – isn’t teams/players cheating an inherent part of the risk you assume when gambling or playing daily fantasy?
  • This will be a fun thread to follow:

  • Feel-good sports content:

  • Meanwhile, Bryan while we wait:



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