Pre-Movie-Gamin': Slap Shot (6:09 CT) - Cast, Movie Thread, Viewing Options

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Pre-Movie-Gamin’: Slap Shot (6:09 CT) – Cast, Movie Thread, Viewing Options

Chicago Cubs

Well, tonight should have been the third game of the season for the Chicago Cubs, who would obviously be heading towards a 3-0 start to the season. Instead, we’re still likely months away from actual Opening Day. Instead of the game, we’re gonna get together and watch a movie. Game 5 of the World Series is also airing on Marquee at 7:00. Enjoy your Sunday night, friends. 

Although I’m aware of it’s cultural significance and relative status within the sports and comedy-film worlds, I’ve never actually seen Slap Shot, so I don’t have much to offer you in terms of an intro. I’m just really excited to finally see it. That’s why it’s going so early in the rotation, despite reaching just 19 total votes (11th most) overall.

The one thing I can tell you, however, is that it has an interesting connection to the first movie on our list, Major League.

The guy who wrote and directed Major League, wrote the Academy Award winning “The Sting.” Meanwhile, the guy who directed “The Sting,” George Roy Hill, directed “Slap Shot.” So basically the writing/directing duo on a movie that one half-a-dozen Oscars both went off to create legendary sports comedies later in their careers. Pretty cool, eh?

Movie Info

(Note: Some of the movies on this calendar are streamable on Netflix, Hulu, etc. (and some of you may even own hard copies on VHS or DVD!) I’ll be sure to mention it when they are. However, whenever they’re not available for free, I’ll share a link to the cheapest place to rent it in this section).

Slap Shot (1977) – Sunday, March 29th at 6:09 CT on … Starz and Encore (subscription required), rent on Amazon ($3.99).


Director: George Roy Hill
Writer: Nancy Dowd


IMDB: 7.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 85% Critic Score, 89% Audience Score

Major League Cast:

  1. Reggie … Paul Newman
  2. McGrath … Strother Martin
  3. Ned Braden … Michael Ontkean
  4. Francine … Jennifer EWarren
  5. Lily … Lindsay Crouse
  6. Killer Carlson … Jerry Houser
  7. Jim Carr … Andrew Duncan
  8. Jeff Hanson … Jeff Carlson
  9. Steve Hanson … Steve Carlson

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