President Trump Reportedly Tells Commissioners He Hopes Sports Resume - With Fans - By August

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President Trump Reportedly Tells Commissioners He Hopes Sports Resume – With Fans – By August

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Today, President Donald Trump held a conference call with the commissioners of every major professional sport in the country. Although we don’t yet know precisely what was discussed, it was always fair to surmise that it was going to be about COVID-19 timelines, and how sports can help the return to some version of normalcy.

To that end, ESPN’s crew has at least some of what was discussed, including the President’s hope that sports – with crowds – can return by August and September:


Outside of confirmation that the President’s position is going to be something like “get sports back as soon as possible,” there’s not necessarily a ton we can take away from this. Ultimately, the management of COVID-19 and the availability of widespread testing are going to go a whole lot further in determining if and when sports can proceed than the President’s position. Nevertheless, so long as sports at some point can proceed safely, it doesn’t hurt to have Washington on the side of wanting sports back.

OK. Time for an extraordinarily delicate paragraph about the timeline …

I think it’s important to note that, when it comes to the impact of the pandemic, President Trump has tended to skew aggressively optimistic. It is not a partisan comment to say that, with an election on tap, any incumbent president would hate to see the economy in the tank. So, there’s a strong incentive for the President to push for sports – much like any other significant economic or sentiment driver – to return as soon as possible. That’s not to say his position is not fair (it *is* possible that sports could return, even in front of fans, by August), but you do have to keep the political grain of salt in mind.

To that end, you are reminded that local governments will have a huge say in how sports proceed:

Author: Brett Taylor

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