Trying to Get the Anger Out in One Place and Other Bitter Baseball Bits

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Trying to Get the Anger Out in One Place and Other Bitter Baseball Bits

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I started doing these as the normal morning Bullets, but by the time I was 2/3rds done, I realized that these are just more things to be angry about. So I’m separating them out. Read ahead and read the links only where you want additional context – and anger – about the state of baseball. Other Cubs Bullets coming soon.

•   I will understand if you’re sick of reading this stuff, but it’s important – in addition to what I wrote this morning to say my peace – that we note just how universal the reaction has been to Rob Manfred’s new indication (ostensibly on behalf of the owners) that a season might not happen, despite just five days earlier guaranteeing it. Everyone, everywhere, is angry about it. The media’s position on these things may not ultimately matter, but here and now, they are speaking for the vast majority of fans … whose position on the existence of baseball SHOULD MATTER AS DEEPLY AS ANY PART OF THIS CONVERSATION.

•   That is to say, here are the four best articles I’ve read about the state of things:

•   Particularly powerful to hear that Korean baseball fans are sick of MLB’s failure … set against the backdrop of the KBO actually playing baseball:

•   NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, speaking on the same program last night that saw Rob Manfred saying the things he said, may as well have been talking straight to MLB:

•   Marchand is not *entirely* joking here, since this point is being made by EVERYONE and feels so frustratingly obvious at this point:

•   Castrovince’s point hit me just right:


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