Jason Heyward Sat Tonight But Encouraged His Teammates to Play, Which They Decided to Do

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Jason Heyward Sat Tonight But Encouraged His Teammates to Play, Which They Decided to Do

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I want to share some additional post-game context on Jason Heyward’s decision to sit out tonight following the events in Kenosha, Wisconsin, as well as the other players around baseball who made similar decisions tonight, and the player-led boycott in the NBA.

Notably, only Heyward sat down tonight on the Cubs. Many people wondered why Heyward’s teammates did not join him – six other teams around baseball together decided not to play – and I also wondered how things played out.

So, now here’s some of that additional context, both for Heyward’s decision and that of his teammates:

I think if you know how Heyward has handled himself, that shouldn’t surprise you at all. He’s the ultimate teammate. I completely respect his decision to sit tonight AND his decision to encourage his teammates to play. He’s earned that respect.

But if I can say it without wholly judging a situation I was not, myself, there and a part of, something doesn’t sit quite right about this all falling to Heyward. That is to say, it still just feels hard not to wish Heyward’s teammates had instead decided to proceed like the Dodgers did with Mookie Betts:

Good on the Dodgers for supporting Betts in the way that he felt was best. Good on the message they sent that tonight, other things were higher on the ladder of focus.

Let me (try to) amplify one point here, in case it’s not clear: I have zero doubt Heyward feels supported by his teammates. They all have that bond, and I don’t think we can really know what goes on in that clubhouse. I’m saying only that, as an outsider, as someone observing what’s going on in the world, the Cubs all standing together tonight could’ve been powerful.

Again, I know how easy it can be to make decisions for other people while sitting on the outside. And I know these guys truly care about each other.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.