Dodgers Reportedly Finalizing a Trade for Royals Starter Danny Duffy

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Dodgers Reportedly Finalizing a Trade for Royals Starter Danny Duffy

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Not long after we learned that the Padres were (are?) close to acquiring Max Scherzer from the Nationals, did we get some signals to pump the breaks. As far as I can tell, that deal is still expected to get done, but we’ve since learned that it’s not official and other teams, including the Dodgers, were (are?) apparently trying to insert themselves. But in case that doesn’t quite work, they’ve already secured a back-up plan of sorts.

The Dodgers are reportedly acquiring (injured) left-handed starter Danny Duffy from the Royals.

Duffy, 32, hit the injured list with a strained flexor on July 17th and hasn’t yet returned. But it’s not like his season is over and now the Dodgers have themselves a back-up plan if they can’t get Scherzer, Berríos, or one of their other preferred targets.

And it’s not a bad backup plan, all things considered.

No, Duffy isn’t Scherzer, but he is also a rental starter with a 2.51 ERA, a 25.8% strikeout rate, and an 8.7% walk rate this season. He’ll cost far less to acquire and he can help the Dodgers close the gap on the Giants (while staving off the Padres) until their rotation picture clears up a bit.

And in terms of Davies, well, it became clear over the last week or so (and especially over the last few hours) that the Dodgers were simply interested in a starter of a higher caliber, so I don’t see this impacting his market too much. In fact, it’s starting to seem like Davies is going to be included as part of a bigger deal. Call it a gut feeling.

Author: Michael Cerami

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