Friday Night Fun: The Cubs' Historic Comeback Against the Giants, and My Loudest Night at Home

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Friday Night Fun: The Cubs’ Historic Comeback Against the Giants, and My Loudest Night at Home

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Not sure what it was about today – it was a fine day overall – but I felt like I need a palate cleanser tonight. Just something nice to think about and remember and enjoy.

Like I mentioned in the Bullets this morning, Marquee kicked off a discussion on Twitter about the loudest moments ever at Wrigley Field, which was a fun discussion. But it also made me think about my own personal loudest moment – not at Wrigley, not at a bar, but just watching a game by myself at home.

Game 4 of the 2016 NLDS. The 9th inning. You know it well, as the Cubs came back from a three-run deficit in the 9th inning – the largest 9th inning deficit overcome to take a clinching game in postseason history – to beat the Giants, to move on to the NLCS, and to go on to do something particularly wonderful in the World Series.

For me, the singular moment when I loudly lost my mind was when Javy Báez drove his single up the middle to give the Cubs the lead. I was literally shouting and running around my house. I just searched old tweets, and I don’t even remember sending this one, confirming the moment:

They did wake up. I’m not actually sure how sorry I was.

So, this evening, you can share the loudest moment ever for you at your house watching a game (good moment or bad … ), and also re-enjoy the 9th inning rally, including Javy’s very loud-inducing hit:

Author: Brett Taylor

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