Today's MLB and MLBPA Meeting Was "Heated," and Once Again Featured Little Movement (UPDATE)

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Today’s MLB and MLBPA Meeting Was “Heated,” and Once Again Featured Little Movement (UPDATE)

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Today, the players and the owners met up for the first time in a week to continue negotiating the expired Collective Bargaining Agreement. If you were hoping for a sense of urgency or chatter about substantial movements toward each others’ positions, you can forget it. Again.

Here’s the early info out there:

Still no luxury tax talk, and again, that feels like the single biggest issue, and one on which the sides are miles apart. So the fact that today’s focus may have been exclusively on two other proposed areas seems not great? The moves on these two issues appear to have been modest, and it’s not clear whether they were tied to a clear bargaining strategy (i.e., “We will move even further on this issue if you move further on that issue”). Maybe more is coming.

Which isn’t to say I blame the players for not moving further on these two issues, by the way. If these are going to be the two primary vehicles to getting younger players paid more money, then it would make sense that they would (1) stick to asking for these methods to be in place, and (2) only move slightly in the numbers when it appears the owners are on board with the ideas, in theory. Don’t forget: the owners are asking for at least two big economic gives in expanded playoffs and uniform patches. So it’s not even just about trying to make things right in a situation where player salaries have started going backward – it’s also about getting players a fair share of new revenues that are coming.

I’m sure there are going to be more details from today’s meeting trickling out, including the nature of how things got “heated,” and anything else the players may have presented. I don’t love that the next meeting was left TBD. It’s already February 1, folks.

UPDATE: Just to confirm that there was no movement on minimum salaries or the luxury tax today:

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