Trevor Story Signing with the Boston Red Sox on a Significant Deal (UPDATE)

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Trevor Story Signing with the Boston Red Sox on a Significant Deal (UPDATE)

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With Carlos Correa finally off the board (to the Twins? still gets me … ), Trevor Story could finally sign. Instead of going to the Twins, where many had projected him before the Correa signing, Story goes to the Boston Red Sox.

The Red Sox will be giving up their second highest draft pick (and the associated bonus pool space) and $500,000 in IFA pool space for this signing, as Story was attached to a qualifying offer. It’s a big part of why he lingered on the market, and that, combined with his down 2021 season and throwing issues, are probably why this deal will be modest compared to the $200+ million he may have been looking at just a couple years ago.

The move isn’t a total surprise, as the Red Sox had been known to be playing in the shortstop pool for a while, despite the presence of Xander Bogaerts. For one thing, Bogaerts can opt out of his deal after this season (and is highly likely to do so), and for another thing, there’s a big enough hole at second base to want a guy like Story this year anyway.

The impact on the Cubs here is pretty much non-existent, as they were never really in on the Story market for whatever reason. Correa was a long-shot, but a real possibility. Story never felt that way. (This leaves outfielder Michael Conforto as the last true impact free agent on the market – well, assuming you believe he will bounce back from 2021 – and I sure hope the Cubs are at least considering an offer. If you could get Conforto to sign a reasonable four-year deal, that would make a lot of sense for the Cubs from where I sit.)

In concurrent timing, the Yankees signed Marwin Gonzalez to a minor league deal – many Yankees fans had hoped they would land Story – which is leading to some humorous teeth gnashing.

More when the details shake out.

UPDATE: Story went the route of getting the largest guarantee he could, rather than going short-term and trying to re-establish value. This is a good get for him, in my view:

Not sure I’d want to be taking that particular chance on him after last year, but obviously he was very, very good before that. And if the Red Sox are confident Bogaerts is going to opt out, they now have significant protection. I respect the move.

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