Outfield Market Picking Up? Yankees on Soto and Benintendi

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Outfield Market Picking Up? Yankees on Soto and Benintendi

Chicago Cubs

We have not heard much lately in the way of specific Ian Happ trade rumors, but I wonder if that’s about to change. Or if, in the absence of Happ-related rumors, I wonder if there are about to be other moves on the market (which would, in turn, impact what may ultimately happen with Happ).

This feels like the kind of stuff that would be coming out just before something goes down:

It feels a bit like the Juan Soto talks are going to get very serious in the coming days, and I wonder if the Yankees sense they won’t be a serious contender for him at whatever they’re offering, so they are poised to quickly pivot to Andrew Benintendi? Not that the later is any kind of replacement for Soto, but you have to remember that, in addition to wanting Soto for the long-term, the Yankees also just really need to add an outfield bat (ideally left-handed). So if they’re not going to get Soto, they probably do want to pivot quickly.

And that’s where I wonder if we’ll hear anything about Happ, either in connection to the Yankees, or to a team that fails to get Soto and/or Benintendi. With an extra year of team control, I have to emphasize that the Cubs do not HAVE to trade Happ. It’s really only a matter of exploring the market enough to know whether there’s going to be an offer out there that they can’t turn down.

That is all to say, I’m monitoring the Soto stuff and the Benintendi stuff closely, because it’s not at all hard to imagine the story with Happ becoming connected to those suitors, one way or another.

Author: Brett Taylor

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