Cubs Land Five of the Top 100 Dynasty Prospects at Baseball America

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Cubs Land Five of the Top 100 Dynasty Prospects at Baseball America

Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs have generally done all right during this rankings season, seeing three prospects on average fall on top 100 lists (but variety among the names, and more guys just outside the top 100), and so far having their farm system ranking 10/11. It’s solid, given how far they’ve had the climb from a few years ago.

Solid, but not overwhelming.

Even the folks who love the improvements in the Cubs’ farm system would have to admit that it’s still not quite there in terms of being a top-tier system without obvious big-time impact on the way in short order. It’s just not there yet. The hope is that we’ll be having that conversation by midseason, but until it actually happens, it’s just a hope. Encouraging signals. Improvement. But not yet top tier.

So anyway, I thought it would be nice to look at a list that does have the Cubs in a much better place already. For example, a list that has the Cubs with FIVE prospects in the top 100. Can I interest you in something like that?

Baseball America ranked the top 100 prospects in baseball for dynasty fantasy purposes – i.e., the prospects you might want to target for your dynasty team that could provide you with value over the next several years. It’s an enjoyable different way to think about prospects, and I liked reading about a wide range of guys, even though I don’t do fantasy baseball. Worth your time.

Turns out, the Cubs do well (I’m including the write-up for Canario, since you don’t usually see him on lists like this yet):

31. Pete Crow-Armstrong, OF

56. Matt Mervis, 1B

74. Alexander Canario, OF: Finishing 2022 with 37 HRs and 23 SBs across three levels including AAA, there is no question the athelticism and power (and fantasy friendly skillset) should give him a role in Wrigley. But the swing and miss – and recent injury woes (2 shoulder surgeries and an ankle surgery within two years) – are huge question marks for his long term future.

83. Kevin Alcantara, OF

97. Brennen Davis, OF

Fantasy baseball is not exactly the same as real-life baseball, but when you’re talking about future prospect value, it seems like dynasty baseball would at least be interesting. The Cubs still don’t show up in that tip-top tier, but having five position prospects in the top 100 is nice, especially when you consider the dramatic improvements the Cubs have made developmentally on the pitching side.

On Canario, his inclusion is a reminder of the monster season he had in 2022, and his relative youth for his level (he still doesn’t even turn 23 until May). We’ll always wonder whether he would’ve gotten more top 100 consideration if not for the terrible fluke ankle and shoulder injuries in the fall – my guess is he would’ve still been on the outside looking in, but there might’ve been more talk about him being a guy who just missed a list or two.

As it stands, I just don’t know how you could project anything at all for his future until you see him back on the field, running as well as he did before the injuries, and swinging the bat as confidently and powerfully. I don’t think 2023 is going to be an entirely lost year for him, even if he doesn’t play until midseason, but I do think it would be a surprise if he comes back with everything clicking. It might take him until 2024 to really get his game speed and plate approach and power back where it was. If it happens.

Also, I don’t really know fantasy much, but I think if you can still get Hayden Wesneski for your team long-term, that wouldn’t be a bad move. He’s still considered a prospect!

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.