Chickens Delay Baseball Game in Hawaii

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Chickens Delay Baseball Game in Hawaii

Baseball Is Fun

If you’ve been a fan of baseball for long enough, you’ve seen all sorts of interesting and animal-related on-field delays. There’s been rogue cats on the field (more than once this season, even!), squirrels nutting things up, birds causing havoc (even really rare ones), and more bees than you can count.

But never have I ever encountered a game being delayed on account of … chickens?

That’s a game on the Hawaiian island of Kauai being delayed by some clearly lost chickens. Apparently, Kauai is home to literally thousands of wild chickens and at least four of them are right there on the field causing delays.

What’s next? (Please be bats – just think of all the puns).

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Author: Michael Cerami

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