Are the Bears Really in Play for Adrian Peterson? Should They Be?

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Are the Bears Really in Play for Adrian Peterson? Should They Be?

Chicago Bears

The idea of a pair of former Vikings reuniting in Chicago during the Bears’ window of contention would certainly raise some eyebrows around the NFC North … but that doesn’t mean it’s not a possibility!

NFL Network insider Mike Garafolo marks the Bears as a team to watch if running back Adrian Peterson doesn’t return for a second season in Washington. Peterson, the league’s active leader in rushing touchdowns, gained 1,042 rushing yards and scored eight total touchdowns last season. Not bad for a guy in his age 33 season, eh?But is he right for the Bears? Eh … we’re not so sure about that. But hold that thought for a minute.

Because in any case, Garafolo goes on to make the connection between Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy and Peterson’s former boss Brad Childress. Nagy worked under Childress and looked up to him as a younger coach coming up in the league under Andy Reid in Kansas City.

And in a twist that further entangles all parties, Tom Pelissero tweets that Childress was seen at the Combine and is expected to join the Bears coaching staff as an assistant or consultant. This isn’t the first time Childress has been seen with the Bears, either. Remember, he was hired on as a consultant last offseason, so this could simply be a reprisal of his former role. But still … those dots are worth connecting. And depending on how the Jordan Howard situation shakes out, the Bears could be in the market for a running back. Peterson is a running back. Childress coached Peterson. Nagy once coached with Childress. Dots. Everywhere.

Except there’s a noteworthy hangup here.

Howard and Peterson basically have the same perceived fit issues in the current Bears offense, except Peterson is older and has a few more surgeries under his belt. To be sure, Peterson is one of the most accomplished running backs in NFL history. Over the course of his 12-year career, Peterson has four first-team All-Pro seasons, seven Pro Bowl years, and a league MVP campaign on his résumé. But a running back at age 34 who has had issues with fumbling and catching passes out of the backfield doesn’t really solve the Bears’ problems – no matter how decorated his past happens to be.

Signing Peterson would also bring some scrutiny along with the deal. Peterson served a one-year suspension that cost him all but one game in the 2014 season after he was charged with child abuse. In 2018, Peterson told Bleacher Report he still uses a belt to discipline his son despite having been suspended for child abuse.

All things considered, Peterson and the Bears coming together and being a thing in 2019 doesn’t make much sense. The fit and timing doesn’t seem right, no matter what ex-coach happens to be friendly with the Bears’ current leader.

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