Bilal in a Benz, Peanut Builds a Boat, Magic Mitch, and Other Bullets

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Bilal in a Benz, Peanut Builds a Boat, Magic Mitch, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

The Cubs haven’t played well on my birthday in recent years.  But the last time their doors were blown off in a similar manner to the 18-5 shellacking they took last night came in 2016, when Jason Hammel allowed 10 earned runs on nine hits (oh, and five of those hits were home runs) in a 10-2 loss to the Mets. And we all know what happened at the end of that season.

Thankfully, the Bears can’t ruin my birthday by losing to teams I strongly dislike.

  • Let’s lighten the mood by sharing that Big Guys in a Benz is back in a big way with Spice Adams and Bilal Nichols:

  • There is always something fun to learn about these players when Spice Adams gets them to loosen up. I mean, who knew Nichols hit a growth spurt around age 12 to go from short and chunky to large and in charge? That must have been quite an experience. I, for one, am still waiting on my growth spurt to surpass the 5-foot-9 mark … but I don’t think it’s coming.
  • Also, can we make the Baby Biggie nickname a thing? I mean, it might have been a knock on him as a kid. But if you’re going to taunt me with a nickname making reference to *checks notes* one of the greatest rappers of all time, then by all means please keep it up. Maybe we’ll cross that bridge during training camp.
  • This Mitch Trubisky shoulder fake gives me the chills. Like, in a good way:

  • In the guts of the game in what was the biggest game of his life (well, to this point), Mitch Trubisky dropped fourth quarter dimes against a defense that had his number for a good chunk of the game. This offseason feels like it flew by, but part of me thinks we should have spent more time dissecting some of those throws and less time worrying about the kicker whose late-game miss made those pin-point throws an afterthought.
  • Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised by Trubisky’s fourth-quarter excellence. After all, he posted a 95.7 passer rating in the fourth quarter last year. That’s a major improvement from his rookie season when that number was just 64.5.
  • Kristopher Knox (Bleacher Report) believes the Bears are taking a risk at their running back position. By trading Jordan Howard and drafting Montgomery, Chicago is swapping experience for upside. And while Montgomery might be a better complimentary piece to what the Bears have in the backfield, Knox still sees a tremendous risk in punting on a known commodity for the unknown in Montgomery. I understand Knox’s perspective, but the running back position has so much turnover that I think the teams know the risks they are taking and are still willing to roll the dice because history suggests it’s the right move to do. But still … I can understand why some aren’t as easily swayed because of Howard’s successful time in Chicago.
  • These Madden ratings aren’t going to make Bears fans happy:

  • If I could wager on this, I’d bet on David Montgomery and Riley Ridley having far better ratings at the end of their rookie years than they do now.
  • Who has a better Madden rating at the end of the year: David Montgomery or Jordan Howard?
  • Eyeball emojis:

  • I have a hunch Bears fans traveling to London for their game against the Raiders are going to be in for a treat:

  • It doesn’t matter how you win the title, just win, baby:

  • Keep up the good work, Peanut:

  • FWD: @ BN Bulls:

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.