Must-See Video of the Day: Mitch Trubisky is a Good Quarterback

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Must-See Video of the Day: Mitch Trubisky is a Good Quarterback

Chicago Bears

The debates regarding whether or not Mitch Trubisky is a good quarterback raged throughout the 2018 season and have since rolled over into the offseason. And while we won’t have a firmer grip on the answer until after the 2019 season plays out, analyst Brett Kollmann helps provide a clearer picture for us to analyze Trubisky.

Kollmann is a highly regarded analyst whose videos are informative, entertaining, easy to share, and understandable for everyone from the common fan who tunes in on Sundays, the junkie, and everyone in between. So when I saw that one of his latest breakdowns provided a look at the good, bad, and ugly of the Chicago Bears’ QB1, I was totally in.

Check it out for yourself:


“Right now, today, I can say Mitch Trubisky is a good quarterback,” Kollmann says near the conclusion of his video breakdown. “I 100 percent believe that.”

BOOM. Done. It’s on the record. Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky is good. Case closed. Right?


If it was that simple, I’d close the book on this post and call it a day. But it’s not, and Kollmann’s expansive breakdown goes a long way toward explaining what Trubisky is at the moment. You’ll want to clear some time and watch the whole video to get a better feel for what Kollmann is highlighting in this breakdown. In the meantime, this assessment is so on the nose, it deserved its own block quote:

“He’s either pin-point accurate and making ridiculous throws down the field, or he’s putting a screen pass in the dirt. He’s either freezing when his first read isn’t there and taking a sack, or he’s slicing and dicing defenses without hesitation. He’s terrible in the second quarter, but phenomenal in the fourth. I just … I don’t get it. I really don’t.”

The bad news is that mechanical issues such as hip rotation and mental mistakes in decision-making that lead to poor throws, turnovers, and unsavory play were apparent on a game-by-game, quarter-by-quarter, and play-by-play basis. It was truly maddening stuff. The good news is that those problems are fixable, which is something Kollmann dives into in his video. In fact, Trubisky has shown the ability to make those adjustments and play well when his team needs it the most. And isn’t that what good quarterbacks do?

Watch Kollmann’s breakdown in full and see if you come to the same conclusion he did. Is Mitch Trubisky a good quarterback? Right now, the answer is yes.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.