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Legendary Statues, Bears History in 100 Seconds, BoJack is Ready, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

Michael Cerami has a new podcast that I plan on taking time out of my day to listen, if only because I need to learn about TikTok so I can be as cool as the rest of the kids.

  • This Vince Vaughn narrated video has me hyped for tomorrow:

  • 100 years of Bears football excellence in 100 seconds blows my mind. That is all.
  • I’m not saying that my favorite part of the video was glossing over the Marc Trestman and John Fox eras by skipping right from Lovie Smith to Matt Nagy, but I am saying everything is more enjoyable when Trestman and Fox are afterthoughts.
  • Speaking of Bears history, the team unveiled George Halas and Walter Payton statues outside Soldier Field. And as you would expect, they look marvelous:


  • This was a long time coming for two icons of the game. Halas and Payton aren’t just Bears legends, they are figures who you cannot tell the story of the NFL without including them. Halas was a league co-founder who also was also a player, coach, founder, and owner for the Bears. Payton was the league’s rushing leader at the time of his retirement and widely regarded as the greatest to play his position (and the best player in league history). Football wouldn’t be the same without those two. So, yeah, what took so long to get these statues erected?
  • BoJack is ready to get the Bears’ centennial season started with a bang:


  • I’d be worried if the Bears didn’t have confidence in the kicker who won their offseason competition:

  • The total being 46.5 feels a bit too on the nose. Don’t ask why, but my gut says take the under (if that’s something you’re into):

  • I really liked Jace Sternberger coming out of Texas A&M, so I think this is a tough break for the Packers:

  • Friendly reminders are important:

  • The only cure for Bears fever is a dipped Italian beef with hot peppers:

  • Mitch your friend:

  • (Why, no. I don’t dream about the endless cross-promotional content we could have done at BN Bears and BN Cubs with Mitch Trubisky and Eloy Jimenez had the Cubs not traded him for Jose Quintana. Nope. Definitely not. Why do you ask? Don’t you believe me?)
  • In a battle of ex-Bears, Cairo Santos beat out Cody Parkey for the Titans kicking job, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter.
  • So much money is flying around the NFL these days:

  • Jared Goff’s extension is going to have a ripple effect that will impact the Bears. And we’ll address that in due time.

Author: Luis Medina

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