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So This Is the Offense, Eh? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I benched Kyler Murray in favor of Gardner Minshew and got caught napping with Dede Westbrook not playing in London (despite making the trip) while Mohamed Sanu scored 24 points. And yet, my fantasy team has a 49% chance of winning this week – all I need is Giants tight end Evan Engram to outscore Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper. No pressure, guy. Get it done for Don Homer’s squad.

  • Coach Nagy, your offense, WOOF:

  • PFF’s post-game breakdown didn’t mince words when it came to analyzing Mitch Trubisky’s performance on Sunday: “Trubisky struggled to make routine NFL throws or move the offense whatsoever in the first half. He wasn’t much better in the second half, but he did manage not to miss on a couple of wide-open receivers for big gains that helped the Bears get some points on the board.”
  • Trubisky’s 95.8 passer rating in the second half would have made me feel better about things if I didn’t know any better. Trubisky went 4-for-8 for 101 yards. When you punch those numbers into a calculator, it spits out a 95.83 passer rating … but that’s not what a passer rating in the 90s looks like. Even still, it was far better than the 6-for-13 and 24 yards he posted in the first half of the game. Overall, Trubisky’s passer rating for Sunday was 66.6, which I suppose is quite fitting.
  • This has been a common occurrence this year. And even though Trubisky hasn’t been good, the offensive line has done him no favors:

  • Right tackle Bobby Massie getting pushed to his butt catches my eye every time I re-watch this video. Which says something because the whole thing is a disaster. So for something to stand out from that is impressive for all the wrong reasons.
  • Meanwhile, Matt Moore is dropping #dimes in Kansas City:

  • It says something that career backup Matt Moore can play mistake-free football within the confines of an offense where the primary function of the quarterback is to get the ball in the hands of playmakers after nine weeks in the system, while a No. 2 overall pick — when put in a similar system — struggles to get out of his own way. It’s truly maddening.
  • Meanwhile, the Ravens beat the Patriots on Sunday Night Football by adopting a novel concept — building an offense around the unique strengths of their quarterback. Good coaches tweak their system to fit the players in the scheme. And of the many systemic failures of the 2019 Bears, that is the one that stands out above the rest.
  • To be fair the coaching staff continues to not do right by Trubisky. On a key 3rd-and-9 with the Bears down by just five points, Matt Nagy called for Trubisky to go play action. He then threw an incomplete pass to tight end Adam Shaheen. Which begs the question: On what planet is Shaheen a go-to target in this situation? And in what mindset do you have to be to call a play action on 3rd-and-9 when trailing? None of this makes sense. In theory, the Bears’ first two picks of the 2017 NFL Draft should have linked up for a game-changing play – because that’s what those guys were drafted to do – but in reality, the Bears needed to have their five best pass-catching options on the field and the routes needed to be more vertical. That whole sequence boggles my mind.
  • On 4th and 6 from the Eagles 44-yard line, the Bears decided to punt in a game they were trailing. #PuntToWin is a sarcastic hashtag and is not supposed to be seen as a recommendation for gridiron success.
  • Want to add salt in the wound? The Oakland-bound Bears first-round pick (from the Khalil Mack trade) is currently the 10th overall selection in the 2020 NFL Draft.
  • For the record, I still have no regrets regarding the Mack trade. Any time you get a chance to acquire an elite talent, you should do it. And I would not trade in my fan experiences last year for lottery tickets.
  • Here’s the one thing the Bears are good at executing — ridiculously awesome and fun handshakes:

  • OK, here is another good thing that happened on Sunday:

  • Fine, this was pretty neat, too:

  • I don’t think Chuck Pagano is a problem, but Rex Ryan would be entertaining as heck during a losing streak:

  • Sigh. I miss Akiem Hicks. I miss the 2018 Bears:

Author: Luis Medina

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