Chicago’s Mayor Wants More Out of Mitch Trubisky and Other Bears Bullets

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Chicago’s Mayor Wants More Out of Mitch Trubisky and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Contrary to the things that were said by people seemingly pre-disposed to disliking anything outside of their close-minded niche, the NBA All-Star Game was entertaining and enjoyable. I don’t love that it ended with a foul and a free throw, but that’s a small price to pay for three hours of entertainment. Kudos to Eli, who had things on lock for BN Bulls over the weekend.

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  • One thing I love about the Bears is how they can bring folks in Chicago together. Sure, we’ll bicker about the future of the quarterback position, what to do about the offensive line, how many championships the core from the 1980s should have won. But we all come together to watch the Bears. And that’s everyone within city limits, including the mayor.
  • Lori Lightfoot jumped on 670 The Score to talk about a variety of topics, including the Bears. Lightfoot referred to the 8-8 season as “brutal” and “shocking” after a wildly successful 2018 season. As is the case with many Bears seasons, Lightfoot couldn’t fault a talented defense for giving up points after being on the field as much as it was because the offense wasn’t able to sustain long drives.
  • So how do the Bears avoid a similar fate in 2020? Lightfoot said she would like to see the Bears “make some pretty bold moves in the draft” and that “our quarterback play has got to step up” when talking about Mitch Trubisky. No argument here! If the 2020 Bears are going to out-perform their 2019 predecessors, Trubisky can’t play as poorly as he did in 2019. And the Bears are going to need more from this upcoming draft class than it got from last year’s group. Basic level analysis, but spot on stuff from the Mayor.
  • You can listen to Lightfoot’s entire interview, which has been embedded below:

  • Activity on the transaction wires should be on the horizon:

  • has the Bears with $5,525,111 of available cap space as of right now, and only four teams (Falcons, Steelers, Jaguars, Vikings) have less. This isn’t ideal for a team that has as many holes to patch up as Chicago, but there’s always space to be created with a bit of cap handiwork. Moves to clear cap space should be around the corner, as team have until March 18 to get under the cap.
  • What the cap number will be is still to be determined, though we have an idea of what it could be.
  • Also, it’s still wild to see the Vikings at $11,210,264 OVER the salary cap. How does that even happen? Also-Also, the Jaguars are the only other team over the cap, needing to clear more than $3.419 million just to get under. Hence, the Nick Foles trade rumors that are picking up some buzz.
  • I’m going to take some time later to read up on Yetur Gross-Matos’ back story, but I know Kim Jones always delivers at NFL Network:

  • Only Spice Adams, man:

  • Chicago is a crown jewel and I will hear no arguments to the contrary:

  • Now, let’s get the basketball team up to speed:

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