Trubisky's Tantalizing Profile, Payton Throws Darts, Practice Energy, and Other Bears Bullets

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Trubisky’s Tantalizing Profile, Payton Throws Darts, Practice Energy, and Other Bears Bullets

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•   Guess who?

•   This prospect has “excellent pocket feel and awareness,” “generates enough velocity to make all the throws,” “is an anticipation thrower” who “shows the ability to read the entire field.” That type of profile – despite being a one-year starter who doesn’t have a ton of collegiate experience – is one that quarterback whisperers and teams in search of a QB-of-the-future type would be salivating to get their hands on. And they did. Because that prospect was Mitch Trubisky.

•   Trubisky’s prospect profile is reason enough not to give up on him, especially in a one-on-one quarterback battle. The athletic ability and skill are there, but there is a chasm between Trubisky’s athletic talents and the necessary cognitive ability to function within the offense at a high level. This isn’t me just saying stuff. Head Coach Matt Nagy has insisted (twice!) that Trubisky needs to be a master of reading coverages and understanding what defenses are trying to do to the quarterback. If Trubisky can merge his gifts as an athlete and the ability to process the game, then the breakout that was expected last year will come. If not, then Trubisky’s career as a journeyman back up will begin after his rookie contract expires with the Bears.

•   Let’s face it: Trubisky’s raw talent will continue to be tantalizing enough to keep him around, as there is always one coach who thinks they can polish a rock enough to get a diamond. Heck, the talent alone is what got him to this point in the first place. It’s just that, at the quarterback position, there needs to be a marriage between heart, muscle, muscle, and the mental parts of the game.

•   Even if Trubisky gets the mental game caught up to his physical traits, finding additional protection for him should still be a priority. In case you missed it: Larry Warford’s asking price could ultimately be a hangup in the Bears’ pursuit of the three-time Pro Bowl guard. Warford is reportedly asking for $7 million a year, which is actually a reasonable cost of bringing in someone who would be an immediate upgrade to the offensive line. And with that being said, I’m not ruling out the Bears until Warford signs with another team. The need and fit are too obvious to just discard them because of one report suggesting they were pulling out of the race.

•   This is an absolute bargain:

•   ICYMI: Check out new Bears safety Tashaun Gipson here.

•   I appreciate how Rich Eisen handled the Deshaun Watson stuff over the weekend, addressing it on his show Monday:

•   In the end, the thing I keep circling back to the Bears needing to revamp their entire quarterback-evaluation process. Everything from film study, college scouting, player development, coaches, front office, interview questions, whiteboard challenges … all of it. Whatever the process is and has been simply has not worked to this point. And the only way it will get better is if the process itself evolves. Good process leads to good results. That’s just the way it is.

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•   Here’s quarterback Jim McMahon catching a touchdown pass from running back Walter Payton:

•   Payton could have been an all-time great quarterback. Change my mind.

•   The Leonard Floyd signing in Los Angeles is in the books:

•   #PracticeEnergy

•   I really need this to happen so that we can talk about this particular insider:

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