From Now on We Call Him "Mitchell," No Love for Bears WRs, Roquan's Incredible Tackle Stat, and Other Bears Bullets

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From Now on We Call Him “Mitchell,” No Love for Bears WRs, Roquan’s Incredible Tackle Stat, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I’m going to do something to change up my routine this weekend. No, I don’t know what it will be … but it will be something! And if you’re feeling that there is a haze around you as we go on 10 weeks worth of quarantine, then I would encourage you to shake something up, too.

•   Whatever it takes:

•   From here on out, it’s Mitchell Trubisky. And if that’s what it takes to get him to flip the switch and play like a guy taken with the second overall pick in the draft, so be it. I’m willing to sacrifice having to type out a few extra characters on a weekly basis.

•   Fantastic perspective in talking about the Bears’ quarterbacking situation:

•   Meanwhile, Mitchell Trubisky’s pass-catchers aren’t getting much love. Over at Pro Football Focus, Ben Linsey ranks Chicago’s receiving corps 27th. And in a 32-team league, that’s simply not good enough. Allen Robinson II gets some love, with PFF noting that his 84.9 career receiving grade shows his greatness despite sub-par quarterback play. But beyond Robinson, there are question-marks regarding developing draft picks Anthony Miller, Javon Wims, and Riley Ridley that need to be answered. Bringing in Ted Ginn Jr. and Jimmy Graham in free agency, plus Cole Kmet and Darnell Mooney via the draft figures to shake things up, but there’s a long way for this unit to go just to get to the middle of the pack.

•   There isn’t a lot of love for the pass-catchers of the NFC North’s presumed contenders on Linsey’s list. The Packers rank 26th, which is surprising considering Davante Adams’ excellence. But if Robinson’s mere presence can’t lift the Bears out of the bottom third of the league, Adams wasn’t going to single-handedly move the Packers out from the bottom either. Meanwhile, Minnesota comes in at 24th after trading Stefon Diggs to Buffalo.

•   The Lions’ collection of pass-catchers gets a resounding amount of love from PFF, ranking sixth entering the 2020 season. Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones Jr. are superb receivers, while Danny Amendola continues to be a nuisance out of the slot. I imagine some of this grade is based on the future projection of tight end T.J. Hockenson, because he didn’t do that much as a rookie. Sure, Hockenson caught six passes for 131 yards and a touchdown in his NFL debut. But he put up just 236 yards and one touchdown on 26 catches in the 11 games that followed.

•   This is too easy:

•   Butkus. Urlacher. Singletary. George. Buffone.

•   Alright, maybe it’s not *THAT* easy. Lance Briggs deserves a mention. George Connor and Joe Fortunato are guys old-heads will tell you about as all-time greats who played well before my time. Wilber Marshall, Otis Wilson, and Rosevelt Colvin all deserve some shine. Ultimately, it’s safe to say the Bears have no shortage of guys who are worthy of consideration.

•   You got next, Roquan?

•   For your listening pleasure:

•   This is unsettling:

•   Some deep pulls here from Nicholas Moreano of The Chicago Audible:

•   Well, this is encouraging:

•   ICYMI: The NFL’s owners will soon vote on the sky judge and alternative onside kick rule changes next week. I’m pleased to hear there is early support for the eye-in-the-sky official. Adding an extra set of eyes could help officiate a game that is getting bigger and faster by the year.

•   I’m still holding out hope that an alternative to the onside kick gets approved at some point down the line. The league might point to the safety issues the onside kick presents as a reason to move away from it. But from a strategic and game-play perspective, making offenses earn the right to stay on the field and forcing defenses to make a stop to take over the possession would make for high drama late in games. And isn’t that what the viewing public wants?

•   Here’s an update regarding the specific language in the rule:

•   A mind-blowing stat:

•   Good work

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•   May this legend rest in peace, and may his family, friends, loved ones, and fans find peace in this time:

•   A COVID-19 and sports update:

Author: Luis Medina

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