Stafford Fallout, McVay-Goff Falls Apart, Who Needs First-Round Picks Anyway? And Other Bears Bullets

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Stafford Fallout, McVay-Goff Falls Apart, Who Needs First-Round Picks Anyway? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

A friend nudged me toward watching “The Little Things” on HBO Max last night, then proceeded to fall asleep during the movie. So now I have to do what I can to not spoil it. Wish me luck!

•   ICYMI: We saw a blockbuster pre-Super Bowl trade go down for the second time in four years, as the Lions traded Matthew Stafford to the Rams for Jared Goff and future draft considerations. So not only do the Rams upgrade at quarterback, they do so while unloading Goff and his burdensome contract. In a way, there are two different takes on this trade. On the one hand, the Rams traded significant draft capital to acquire Matthew Stafford. But on the other, should we be viewing this as the Rams trading said draft capital for a salary dump. Part of me thinks of the Stafford-Goff swap like an NBA-style deal. In other words, this thing is layered.

•   And then there’s this:

•   If the Lions took a worse deal, then I’m happy about it. And I’m sure fans of the other teams in the NFC North are cool with it, too. Detroit not taking the best deal on the table only does a disservice to its team’s pursuits of building down the line. In other words, if this keeps the Lions wallowing in misery, then by all means, continue to make trades without the best long-term interests in mind.

•   As expected, the Bears were reported to be interested in trading for Stafford (Adam Caplan).

•   Ah, yes, that familiar feeling of being unable to shake how this trade has Bears implications. Not only do they not land Stafford, they watch him go to another NFC playoff team. On top of that, the Bears — and every other team thirsting to be in the Deshaun Watson sweepstakes — probably saw the price go up. It’s still a worthwhile price, seeing that Watson is younger and more talented than Stafford. But the cost of doing business being on the rise is only great for the Texans. Then again, if this is the ask, then it’s something the Bears should be able to meet.

•   From a different perspective:

•   The Lions landing Goff possibly takes them out of the running for drafting a quarterback this spring. This could make them ideal trade-up partners for the Bears if their big swing needs to come on draft day. Just something to keep in mind.

•   First-round picks … who needs ’em?

•   Also worth keeping in mind is the idea that the Lions are set to send Goff to face the Bears twice this season. In theory, that should help the Bears’ pursuit of another playoff spot. Have you seen Goff’s numbers against the Bears?

⇒   41/95 (56.8%), 2 TD, 5 INT, 59.7 rating (3 games)

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

•   A spicy tease from NFL Network insider Michael Silver:

•   This is some perspective I think Bears fans need to realize:

•   The head coach having a good relationship with a quarterback he inherited and had some early success working with sounds eerily familiar, doesn’t it Bears fans? Sounds like a California version of Matt Nagy and Mitchell Trubisky if you ask me. And much like Sean McVay, Nagy finds himself searching for an upgrade at a position where it was once believed an answer was present. I see McVay-Goff falling apart this way as a reminder of why it’s important that the head coach, general manager, and quarterback are on the same timeline. The three most important parts of a n organization should be working hand-in-hand with each other.

•   If you’re a team like the Falcons, do you see the Stafford return and think about calling the Bears and inquire about their potential interest in Matt Ryan? Sure, Ryan is three years older than Stafford. And trading his contract makes navigating through the snow look like a walk in the park. But it’s something the Falcons could consider after seeing the haul the Lions received from the Rams.

•   I feel bad for the Bulls, but this is tremendous content:

•   Elsewhere, who wants to witness Draymond Green and Klay Thompson body some random dude:

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