How Much Does Strength of Schedule Matter This Far Out? Letting Monty Cook, Super Bowl Strays, and Other Bears Bullets

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How Much Does Strength of Schedule Matter This Far Out? Letting Monty Cook, Super Bowl Strays, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

My favorite dater on The Bachelor was dumped yesterday and I’m kinda bummed about it. On the other hand, she leaves us with this:

Seasons of The Bachelor come and go, but .gifs are forever.

•   Alright, so maybe that Carson Wentz trade isn’t happening as quickly as previously believed. Sure, there’s an expectation that a deal will go down this week. But yesterday’s wave of rumors has me wondering about how much of this stuff is being churned out of Philly. After all, the boots-on-the-ground reporters in Chicago and Indianapolis are suspiciously quiet. Eagles GM Howie Roseman is known as a wildly successful negotiator, while Bears GM Ryan Pace is known for working in stealth mode (for better or worse). So to see all of the information being pushed from one side is quite telling.

•   No matter who is quarterbacking the Bears, a daunting schedule awaits. Over at the team’s official site, Nathan Smith tackles what the strength of schedule for Chicago’s football team means for 2021. I try not to put too much into projecting what SOS means in February, mostly because it’s not a predictive tool. For instance, as Smith points out, half of the playoff teams’ strength of schedule fell between 10th and 20th. In other words, a team’s strength of schedule is more likely to tell us about last year than the year to come. Even still … there are some nuggets that could be worth storing for a later date.

•   Let Monty cook in 2021:

•   After returning from concussion protocol after the bye, David Montgomery’s final six games to close out the regular season were absurd. He carried the rock 116 times, gained 598 yards, averaged 5.2 yards per rush, and scored 8 total touchdowns. Extrapolate those six games and project them over a 16-game season and it comes out to 309 rushes, 1,595 yards, 19 rushing touchdowns. And because I’m in a mood, the receiving projections (64 catches, 603 yards, 3 scores) are also juicy.

•   If Matt Nagy is coaching for his job, then he should lean on his best offensive player. So if that means giving David Montgomery 25-30 touches per game, then that’s what the Bears should do — no matter who is at quarterback. Unless, of course, the most unlikely situations play out. Then we can have that discussion (but only if we get there).

•   Time is a flat circle:


•   Sure, 96.4 million viewers means a lot of eyes were on football last Sunday. But this number is probably disappointing to those in league offices:

•   Winning a 50/1 Super Bowl futures bet was good and fun, but the game was a dud. Michael Wilson sums it up:

•   On one hand, this should teach me to temper expectations — especially when something seems dreamy or too good to be true. But on the other hand, I’m not wired that way and will be excited about the next big thing that crosses my nose because that’s just who I am.

•   Todd Bowles was really on one:

•   This is art:

•   But seriously:

•   If the NFL is sincere about pushing diversity in its hiring practices, it should push Bucs Head Coach Bruce Arians to the center stage:

•   Wishing John “Moon” Mullin all the best in his battle against pancreatic cancer. Many of you might be familiar with “Moon” from his time covering the Bears over the years. I remember meeting him when he was covering in-state college basketball. He treated me – a college student at the time – with the same respect he gave everyone else. And I really appreciated that at the time. You’re in our thoughts, Mr. Mullin.

•   Looking forward to giving this a listen in a bit:

•   Our thoughts with the family and friends of the late Marty Schottenheimer, who died on Monday. Schottenheimer finished his NFL with 200 regular season wins as a head coach with stints in San Diego, Washington, Kansas City, and Cleveland:

•   Chicago, man…

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