Obsessive Carson Wentz Watch: Colts Offer Leaks As Public Negotiations Continue

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Obsessive Carson Wentz Watch: Colts Offer Leaks As Public Negotiations Continue

Chicago Bears

A Carson Wentz deal that was once thought to be done as soon as two days ago has fallen apart to the point where we’ve reached the “public negotiation through the media” stage.

More specifically, we’ve hit the part where rumored offers and negotiation nuggets are being floated:


No wonder word popped up that the Bears believed the Eagles were overvaluing Wentz.

Long-time NFL insider and analyst Ron Jaworski hears the Colts’ offer for Wentz was two second-round picks, plus a possible third or fourth-rounder “down the road.” That’s not quite what Howie Roseman had in mind after seeing Matthew Stafford net two future first-round picks and quarterback Jared Goff. But more importantly, at least from a Bears perspective, is the fact that seeing a leaked proposal gives us some perspective in their rumored pursuit of a deal with the Eagles. Hear me out.

Because if that offer is the best the Colts can do, and the Bears were offering any package with a first-round pick, then the Eagles would be foolish to reject it. Maybe those first-round pick offers weren’t real in the first place. If that’s the case, then kudos to GM Ryan Pace for not totally acting on his desperation.

Clearly, Philly’s hope to jump on a QB-starved team’s despair has back-fired. Whoops.

So … now what?

At this point, the Bears, Colts, and/or any mystery team involved should wait it out. There should no rush to make a deal. Especially not one you’re uncomfortable with as a franchise. And there shouldn’t be any pressure to make something happen that’s not explicitly on your own terms. Roseman and the Eagles have painted themselves into a corner. They pushed a quarterback onto a limited market that doesn’t want him as much as the Eagles seem to want to move on from him. The result is a team pivoting to create a market where one doesn’t exist.

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