Polian's Fit, Cards Are the New Bears? Harbaugh Adjacent, the Other Lamar Jackson, and Other Bears Bullets

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Polian’s Fit, Cards Are the New Bears? Harbaugh Adjacent, the Other Lamar Jackson, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

The bird app has its failures and shortcomings, but I learn something new from it (almost) every day:

Everything that is good and righteous was either made in or made better by Chicago. That’s just facts.

•   Even when the Bears’ needs are clear, the path to filling voids is anything but. Colts Defensive Coordinator Matt Eberflus is set for a second interview to be the team’s next head coach before general manager interviews see a conclusion. Jim Harbaugh doesn’t know what he wants, but it could involve the Bears one way or another. Go figure.

•   After operating under the assumption the Bears were interviewing two candidates yesterday, the team announced Eliot Wolf was the only GM applicant interviewing. Morocco Brown, the Colts Director of Scouting who was believed to be interviewing on Tuesday, will reportedly (Dan Wiederer) do be in line for a Thursday meeting.

•   I’d say thorough, diligent, and exhaustive are there three best words one could use to describe this search:

•   Then again, I’d also use flabbergasting, befuddling, perplexing, and exhausting. These are the Bears after all. Those words are bound to come up during this journey.

•   Marv Levy is a respected football coach and a beloved Chicago native. So part of me is glad he signs off on the Bears reaching out to Bill Polian:

•   This isn’t to say Polian is the perfect person for this gig. I’m sure there were a handful of others Chicago could’ve reached out to and given this responsibility. But Polian isn’t on that Ernie Accorsi level of being disconnected from the game. Depending on how these searches turn out, we may (or may not) get to that point. However, we won’t try crossing that bridge until we get to it.

•   No GM? No problem! Bears still making moves:

•   In the interest of clarity, it isn’t THAT Lamar Jackson. C’mon, now. You couldn’t expect the Bears to get that right. Sorry if we got your hopes up.

•   Also, a point worth sharing: While the Bears still don’t have a GM, the team still employs a variety of front office members. Among them are pro and college scouts and other personnel types. Josh Lucas (Director of Player Personnel) and Champ Kelly (Assistant Director of Player Personnel) are at the top of the organizational pecking order for the time being. They’ll handle decisions of this magnitude until a full-time GM steps into their role. In the meantime, expect the Bears to take advantage of having whatever staff they can at this time. And because those contracts tend to run through each year’s NFL Draft, I’d caution against expecting full-tilt changes in that regard until after the draft sees its conclusion.

•   The Cardinals seem to be in a similar position to where the 2020 Bears were. A hot start and a cold finish results in a “meh” playoff team getting out-classed against a far superior opponent. Said hot start-cold finish team enters the offseason with questions about roster construction, team depth, and has a high-ranking member of the power structure set to enter a lame-duck year. But instead of it being the GM, it’s the head coach.

•   It’s almost as if there is a reason this hit so close to home:

•   Technically, this is Harbaugh-adjacent:

•   Dang! I was hoping this guy would hit free agency:

•   Maybe someone in Seattle came away impressed with Sean Desai after that surprising post-Christmas Bears win:

•   An utterly ridiculous blast from the past:

•   SIU Carbondale, my alma mater, made ESPN’s list of the best 100 college football games of 2021. Did yours?

•   This is a wild thing to happen in the middle of a player’s free agency while it plays out during a lockout:

•   I trust this Bulls front office not to push through a trade just for the sake of making one:

•   Is this what’s best for the Blackhawks? It really depends.

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