Trusting the Process, Interview Trickle-Down Effect, Butkus Gets a Packers Promotion, and Other Bears Bullets

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Trusting the Process, Interview Trickle-Down Effect, Butkus Gets a Packers Promotion, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

This is the last Sunday with multiple football games of consequence we’ll get until next September. Enjoy these moments while you’re still able to do so.

•   Bears fans are getting this offseason what they were asking for all season long:

•   The process has been … good? Surprisingly good? Refreshingly acceptable? DBB’s Jeff Hughes hits the right notes here. Even if we don’t love the individual hires, there is something to be said about the process of getting to this point. The Bears are putting new eyes on old problems. And they are new eyes from different coaching and front office backgrounds. It might seem inconsequential, but it isn’t. Think about it…

•   One lesson we should’ve taken away from the Pace-Nagy era is that a diversity of ideas is important in building a contender. Ironically, the Saints system in which Pace grew up in had that with Sean Payton (Eagles, Giants, Cowboys, and a bunch of college teams) run the gauntlet before becoming Super Bowl winning coach Sean Payton. Same for the Chiefs system Matt Nagy was climbing. Andy Reid was with the Packers and Eagles before elevating K.C. to new heights. And well before that, Reid had stops at BYU, San Francisco State, Northern Arizona, UTEP, and Missouri. This isn’t to say the Bears process guarantees future success. But having a variety of experiences to pull from should help matters moving forward.

•   Yeah, this has me feeling good things:

•   Don’t let the word analytics spook you. At its core, analytics is an all-encompassing word to describe a team exhausting any and all possible ways to make itself better. Good teams use analytics to find and create edges other teams can’t, don’t, or aren’t willing to unearth. Bad teams use analytics poorly, while the worst teams simply don’t use them at all. And that is preposterous to me. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to be better at something that makes your team better? That just doesn’t line up in my mind.

•   Even though the Bears appear to have their offensive coordinator lined up, they did take on an interesting interview. The team was reportedly chopping it up with Sanjay Lal, the Jaguars receivers coach. NFL Network reporter Jane Slater tweeted it was for the offensive coordinator opening, but with Luke Getsy set to take that role, I wonder if the team was interviewing Lal with another position in mind. After all, the Bears will need a receivers coach on Getsy’s staff.

•   Previously, Lal has been a receivers coach with the Cowboys (2018-19), Colts (2017), Bills (2015-16), Jets (2012-14), and Raiders (2009-11). He also has experience with the Seahawks (Senior Offensive Assistant, 2020), Cal (Offensive Assistant/Quarterbacks Coach), Saint Mary’s (QBs/Strength and Conditioning Coach). I’m not sure what is more intriguing — the diversity of stops on Lal’s résumé or that he has ties to free-agents-to-be D.J. Clark (Jacksonville) and Michael Gallup (Dallas).

•   We have previously discussed the possibility of Rich Bisaccia leaving the Raiders to join the Bears if Vegas hires Josh McDaniels to be their head coach. But Bisaccia isn’t the only special teams coach reportedly on Chicago’s radar.

•   Matt Lombardo (Fansided) tweets Giants special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey will interview for the Bears opening. No time and date has been set, but McGaughey is an interesting name to chop it up with from a Bears perspective. The Giants were 10th on Rick Gosselin’s annual special teams rankings in 2021, proving that one of football’s worst teams could still be good at something. And McGaughey has special teams coaching experience in the pros with the Panthers (2016-17), 49ers (2015), and Jets (2014), as well as in college with LSU (2011-13), Houston (2003-04). McGaughey was also born in Chicago, so perhaps there is some hometown pull to be had as far as that goes.

•   Speaking of the Raiders, they’re about to be busy:

•   Chicago can feel like the smallest big city in the world sometimes:

•   In case you were wondering why the Bears were racking up interviewees (specifically, ones coaching in the postseason) early in their coach search process, this tweet should open your eyes:


•   Simply put, the Jaguars are rooting for a 49ers win so they can interview Rams OC Kevin O’Connell sooner, rather than later. All because they didn’t do due diligence early in the process. Whoopsiedoodle.

•   This isn’t the flex the Dolphins think it is:


•   We could’ve had Justin Herbert for nothing but a draft pick, but we were willing to trade the world for Joe Burrow just doesn’t add up in my mind. But different strokes for different folks, I guess.

•   On the one hand, good for Luke Butkus getting a promotion (and presumably, a nice pay raise):

•   But on the other hand, the Bears have to counter this move by hiring a Lombardi to work somewhere at Halas Hall. An eye for an eye … or something like that!

•   I am open to the Bulls being open to adding a backup center:


•   Now, here’s a name I thought we were done hearing about from a coaching standpoint:

•   Christian Yelich hit .234 with a .392 slugging percentage in 722 plate appearances between his bad tweet and his apology. Baseball karma is real:

Author: Luis Medina

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