Aaron Rodgers' Announcement is a Big Nothingburger

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Aaron Rodgers’ Announcement is a Big Nothingburger

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Aaron Rodgers’ cryptic late-night Instagram post had some folks wondering if a sizable announcement was coming down the pipeline soon.

And as fate would have it, Rodgers was set to show up on Pat McAfee’s show — where he is known to make headlines with some things he says during his appearances. Some of his commentary is on the lighter side of things. But in other instances, Rodgers has said some things that border on dangerous misinformation that can easily be debunked.

Today’s comments did confirm one thing — Rodgers’ placement among the elder statesmen of modern trolls who also happen to be elite athlete:

That’s right, friends! Rodgers’ big announcement is that there is no announcement. “There will be no news today. No decision on my future,” Rodgers told The Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday. The only newsworthy nugget here is Rodgers telling the world he is fresh off a 12-day cleanse known as Panchakarma. No, seriously. That is the news peg here. Other than there being no news regarding Rodgers’ pending return to Green Bay or possible departure via trade request elsewhere.

And maybe Rodgers felt it was necessary to do that, because it sounds like he’s been going through some things:

I’m sorry if you got your hopes up. Or if you took time out of your day to watch this non-announcement. I’m sure Pat McAfee appreciates the support and viewership. And I’m sure Panchakarma enthusiasts find themselves enjoying some newfound spotlight thanks to Rodgers reference to it on the show.

Unfortunately, this unnecessarily eccentric cosmic ballet goes on. We’ll continue to monitor it for obvious reasons, none of which have to do with Panchakarma or lengthy cleanses. Although, I’m into the yoga element of this whole journey. Oh no, this is how you get trapped in Rodgers’ bizarro world, isn’t it?

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