Baker Mayfield on His Week 1 Grudge Match vs. the Browns: "I'm Going to [Eff] Them Up"

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Baker Mayfield on His Week 1 Grudge Match vs. the Browns: “I’m Going to [Eff] Them Up”

Chicago Bears

Baker Mayfield isn’t one to shy away from confrontation.

So it comes as no surprise that Mayfield didn’t mince words while looking ahead to the Carolina Panthers’ Week 1 matchup against the Cleveland Browns, who traded for his replacement while he was still on the team earlier in the offseason:

I try to keep this a family site, even if the Bears offense makes me shout expletives that my mind didn’t even know existed. But I think you can use your imagination to figure out what expletive rolled off Mayfield’s tongue. It rhymes with duck, but doesn’t quack. And it starts with a letter of the alphabet that would get you in trouble with mom if you brought it home as a letter grade on your report card.

Anyway … of course Mayfield is already dialing it up ahead of the Browns-Panthers matchup. Mayfield felt disrespected by the Browns for how things went down at the outset of the offseason. While a Deshaun Watson trade was hanging in the balance, he wanted a trade — to which the Browns were like “nah.” And even with a lengthy Deshaun Watson suspension looming, Mayfield shut the door on a return to Cleveland. That ultimately set up a trade to the Panthers, which bring us to a Week 1 grudge match.

I’ll have my full attention on Bears-Niners in Week 1 for obvious reasons. But part of me wants to keep tabs on Mayfield to see if he goes through with clucking up the Browns. Wouldn’t that be a heckuva Week 1 story?

Author: Luis Medina

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