WATCH: Matt Eberflus Postgame Speech After Beating the Pats is Better Than Morning Coffee

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WATCH: Matt Eberflus Postgame Speech After Beating the Pats is Better Than Morning Coffee

Chicago Bears

No need to pinch yourself this morning.

The Chicago Bears beat the New England Patriots 33-14 on Monday Night Football. It was a thorough beatdown of Bill Belichick’s bunch in their own backyard. But more than that, it was a top-to-bottom team win for the Bears. Every player, coach, and contributor had a hand in the victory.

And this is why this Matt Eberflus post-game locker room speech should resonate in a big way this morning:

“Last night, fellas, we talked about a couple of things. We talked about leading from the front. We talked about toughness. We talked about finish for the man next to you. And you guys did that today. We wanted to accomplish some goals, right? We talked about the ball, we were plus-three. We talked about running the ball and stopping the run. Did a pretty good job there fellas. Really good job, especially to finish the game off. Excellent job offense, excellent job defense. We talked about situational football. Third down, gold zone, red zone, we worked our tail off on that during this mini-bye.

Can we get better? You dang right we can. The man next to you, you owe ’em that. Be there for each other, trust the guy next to you. Hey, great job. Enjoy this, fellas. You’ve got the day off tomorrow.”

Teamwork. Toughness. Trust. Execution. Fighting for the guy next to you. Gosh, that makes me want to run through a brick wall of linemen.

Eberflus is giving the gang the day off today. We’re not taking it off. Not after all the good things the Bears put on tape last night. But we’re definitely taking Eberflus’ advice and enjoying the win.

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