Did a Teven Jenkins Tweet Confirm a Position Change?

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Did a Teven Jenkins Tweet Confirm a Position Change?

Chicago Bears

The NFL Draft is just 17 days away and the Chicago Bears still have needs to fill along their offensive line.

One position that remains open is right tackle.

But you can cross Teven Jenkins off the list of possible candidates to fill that void. Jenkins, an otherwise obvious in-house candidate to fill that role because it was a position he starred in collegiately, won’t be making that move to right tackle.

However, he will be making a position switch.

At least, that is the inference from these tweets that suggest the move to left guard we discussed in March is a full go:

On the one hand, that sure seems like Jenkins confirming he is moving to left guard this season. But on the other hand, I know better than to take player tweets at full value. However, it would make sense for Jenkins to slide over to left guard. And it is a position change I’m fully on board with the Bears making.

Firstly, the addition of Nate Davis (who has played only right guard in the pros) essentially shifts Jenkins into a new position. And because the Bears were adamant about not moving Jenkins back to right tackle despite an opening last year, I can’t imagine they’re keen on putting him back out there again. Secondly, Jenkins has shown he can be adequate playing on both sides of the line. This isn’t the case for all players, so we shouldn’t take this small feat for granted. And finally, I like the potential position switch because it gives Jenkins something to strive for in 2023. Jenkins played with a sizable chip on his shoulder last year. And the result was getting the third highest grade among offensive guards via Pro Football Focus. An impressive feat, to be sure. Especially when you consider he didn’t start playing the position until last summer.

I almost feel bad for opposing defenders who have to face Jenkins again this year. Who knows what levels Jenkins can take his game to after yet another position change. We’ve already seen what he can do despite practicing at three different positions last offseason. Imagine what he can do if given one position to focus his development on this offseason. He might be playing like a possessed madman in 2023. That would be good news for the Bears — not so much for their opponents.

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Author: Luis Medina

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