USA and Canada Reveal 2022 Olympic Looks and They Both Suck

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USA and Canada Reveal 2022 Olympic Looks and They Both Suck

Chicago Blackhawks

First and foremost, I understand that griping about the look of sweaters is a minor inconvenience. In the grand scheme of things to be upset about, especially regarding the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the looks of Team Canada and Team USA are far down the list. But, that being said, Hockey Canada and USA Hockey have missed the mark, by a wide margin, on both of their new looks for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Released on Tuesday, Canada’s new look takes the iconic and simple maple leaf logo and turns it into the old school NBC peacock. Also, the red and black alternate look is a swing and a miss.

Think Team USA did any better? Think again.

Look, pretty much anything was going to be better than the current designs for Team USA, but this isn’t much of a step up. The horizontal prominent block striping should be left to rugby shirts from the Gap and soccer kits. The Florida Panthers use it, as do the Minnesota Wild, and neither tend to find themselves on any “best looks in the NHL” lists, do they?

For me, it’s straightforward, Team USA already has a great home and away look in-house. The Junior teams rock the best-looking Team USA sweaters, and they are a simple design. Simple, clean looks will always work and please many people aesthetically more than trying to be innovative or have a look that makes people use the 🔥 emoji on social media.

Meghan gets it.

Yep, I can’t unsee it, and now you can’t unsee it either. Team Canada’s maple leaf design is kind of perfect timing for the American Thanksgiving holiday, isn’t it?

These suck, but at least those Gold Medals will look great against the Blue and White background of the Team USA sweaters.

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Author: Mario Tirabassi

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