Culver Visits, Building a Fun Team, Working Together, Re-Visiting the 1st Title, and Other Bullets | Bleacher Nation

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Culver Visits, Building a Fun Team, Working Together, Re-Visiting the 1st Title, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls

EVERYONE STAY CALM! The NBA Draft is only eight days away!

Bulls news (drama) has really been heating up, and I have to admit, your reactions are all quite funny. Whether they’re to the Jarrett Culver workout or the team’s interest in Lonzo Ball, your reactions have made it easy to get a sense for feeling out this impending offseason.

I can’t really console all you individually, but what I will say: “buckle-up!” I’m ready to ride this crazy Bulls roller-coaster toward our first season with you. We’ll talk through everything, and try to make all of this a tad more bearable. In other words, I’ll be your Bulls therapist.

For now, though, let’s get through this set of Bullets!

  • In case you missed it, The Athletic’s Darnell Mayberry hears rumblings in league circles that the Bulls are open to trading anyone not named Lauri Markkanen or Wendell Carter Jr. this offseason. The concept of the Bulls’ interest in moving players isn’t necessarily surprising, but it opens up a big conversation about whether that’s the appropriate offseason approach. After all, the team just spent a couple of years trying to rebuild a starting core, which before today seemed like it included Zach LaVine and Otto Porter.
  • We really broke this thing down, so make sure to go give a read:

  • Four of the Bulls starters recently hit the Advocate Center court for a workout, because the grind never stops:

  • Zach LaVine, Otto Porter, Lauri Markkanen, and Chandler Hutchison were in the building, which is a refreshing and encouraging update. Knowing the team is putting in offseason work this early shows a pretty strong desire to up their game. Also, considering the mid-season accusation of Porter and the injuries throughout the season to Markkanen, Carter, and Hutchinson, coming together for a June workout provides more time on the court to build chemistry that could help make the beginning of the season more bearable.
  • When is the last time the Bulls had a “fun” team? The more time the young guys spend together, the more potential for this team to feel more fun. I don’t necessarily envy the Nets and Magic for their play last year, but those two teams were always fun to watch because you could tell the guys enjoyed playing together. If the Bulls can start building that feeling now, the less painful this rebuild is going to feel.
  • It’s officially official: Jarrett Culver worked out for the Bulls earlier today:


  • Culver shared on his Instagram story that he was in Chicago yesterday for a visit, but he’s getting the full workout treatment today. The Bulls have worked out over 50 players that could be fits for the No. 38 pick or as an undrafted free agent. So, yeah, it’s about time the Bulls worked out a lottery pick.
  • If you are craving more talk about the Bulls and Lonzo Ball, Jason Patt (Forbes) talks that and more while addressing the latest Anthony Davis trade rumblings.
  • Hey, Kyrie: You interested in taking less money and playing with a bunch of inexperienced-postseason talent?

  • The Bulls won their first championship in series history 28 years ago to the day! Just look at the way MJ is holding that trophy. You deserve it, pal.

  • Nothing like a trip down memory lane:

Author: Elias Schuster

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