"Never Personal Just Business" – Bulls Target Patrick Beverley Hints at Lakers over Bulls

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“Never Personal Just Business” – Bulls Target Patrick Beverley Hints at Lakers over Bulls

Chicago Bulls

Nothing screams “NBA Offseason” more than freaking out over a player’s cryptic Tweets. And we’re not immune to it here at Bleacher Nation Bulls. The culprit this time around: free agent point guard (and potential Bulls target!) Patrick Beverley.

Considering that the Bulls appear bound to tackle the point guard position in free agency regardless of the draft’s outcome this Thursday night, Beverley certainly feels like a suitable fit in this market. And, of course, his playful back-and-forth with Bulls fans on Twitter and the Chicago Tribune has done nothing to squash those feelings.

However, Beverley has appeared to grow traction in the market place, and another name frequently brought up in the conversation is the Los Angeles Lakers. And those flames were fanned further when Beverley evoked the same exact “never personal just business line” he brought up to the Tribune about a potential return to Chicago (which would be personal):

Yeah … that feels like a bad sign for the Bulls – or, at least, Bulls fans hoping to reel in Beverley.

A homecoming with the Bulls clearly has plenty of sentimental (a.k.a. personal) value, while a trip to the Lakers has you playing with two of the best players in the game (that’s business). Of course, that Tweet above only succeeds at knocking down Chicago, not necessarily bringing up L.A. (even if they are the most-rumored other team). It was the response that followed that Tweet that appears to have the Lakers in mind.

Check it out:

Ah. Well.

Pardon Beverley’s french above, but it’s hard to imagine the Bulls pulling him away from a potential deal with the Lakers. The only real hope, I’d have to imagine, could be the fact that Los Angeles will be first sniffing around the top of the market for free agents, where Beverley is not, potentially giving Chicago more time to bring him home.

Although, before any deal is struck, NBA Writer Sean Deveney has reported Beverley will be taking as many as FIVE meetings with teams before speaking with his former team, the Clippers, in two weeks.

As of now, we will assume the Lakers and Bulls both crack the list of teams Beverley will meet with. Beyond that, Beverley has not been rumored to heavily with any other franchise. It wouldn’t be free agency though without some speculated guesses, so I’m going to say the Suns and Magic might be on the list as well. I also wouldn’t be surprised if another contender like the Nuggets or Sixers schedules a meeting, both could use back-up point guard depth. I do believe that could be a hard sell though when you take into account the money another team with an obvious hole at the position might be willing to give him.

In the end, the Bulls have actually been there since the “beginning” for Beverley, but with his stock rising quickly in free agency (thanks to a showing that helped the Clippers make the playoffs this year), we’ll have to keep in mind one thing: “Never personal just business.”

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Author: Elias Schuster

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