Wendell Carter Jr. Is Trying To Earn Your Love and Respect and Other Bullets

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Wendell Carter Jr. Is Trying To Earn Your Love and Respect and Other Bullets

Chicago Bulls

What NBA player would make the best actor?

I’m still endlessly frustrated by the fact that LeBron James put up a stellar performance in Trainwreck, but I have to admit that he’s probably toward the top of the list. He’s not alone – Ray Allen has gotten some love for his performance in He Got Game. And, of course, you have Michael Jordan bringing us the all-time classic Space Jam. But I think LeBron is probably the reigning champ at the moment.

But I’m trying to think of players we haven’t seen yet. Steph Curry could probably provide a solid performance in a romantic comedy. And I’d imagine Bobby Portis could portray a down-on-his-luck boxer with a mean left hook.

Let me know what you’re thinking, so maybe I can start pitching scripts to their agents (whom I don’t know). I’ll share a cut of the earnings and everything.

  • Wendell Carter Jr. came out of nowhere and blindsided us with the motivation last night! On Instagram, Carter Jr. posted a brief message to Bulls fans, stating the team “let the city down” after this previous 22-win season.

  • Not a bad time to send out an uplifting message to Bulls fans. As workouts begin behind closed doors and the quiet stretch of the NBA offseason is upon us, it’s easy to fall back into Bulls-somber. The team clearly still has a long way to go, but even a small demonstration on Carter Jr.’s part of being this locked-in is reassuring.
  • Reminder: The second-year player experienced a setback this offseason after suffering a thumb injury that required surgery and took him out after playing only 44 games last year. As he prepared to get back on the court, he then had another surgery this summer on a core-muscle. He is expected to be back in time for training camp (with no long-term implications), but it’s already been a winding road for the 20-year-old center.
  • I think his message to Bulls fans here shouldn’t go underappreciated. Carter Jr. is expressing a sincere level of drive and enthusiasm to improve this team’s product on the court. By no means do I see him becoming the best player on this team, but this sort of thing can help engender love among the fans.
  • And as we know: the Bulls are suffering from a distinct lack of hype. The city of Chicago is still waiting for the next player to rally behind, and while the obvious choice feels like LaVine, Markkanen or White, Carter Jr. could be the sleeper pick.
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  • Speaking of Carter Jr., here’s a look at some of the dunks he had last season (along with Chandler Hutchison). You really get a look at how long he is on these dunks.

  • The Bulls have been sharing dunk-highlights from last year all week in celebration of #NBADunkWeek. Well, they just released this dunking compilation, so it’s time to shut things down.

  • Tomas Satoransky kept getting the “underrated” label thrust upon him. I decided to dig into some of the advanced stats to see how his starting minutes matchup against similar starting-guards around the league. While he may not be the most dominant in any category, the numbers show he is surely one heck of an efficient point guard. If you’re interested in a closer look at the Bulls new toy, make sure to give this a read:

  • FLASHBACK-ZACH! Despite the injuries, it legitimately looks like LaVine has not lost a step since his time at UCLA.

  • SLAM decided to bless us all with a reminder of their “Day in the Life” video with Coby White. If you haven’t given that a watch yet, please do. We wrote a fun summary of it here, so you can check it out that way too!

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