Knicks Fire President, Looking Ahead to Dunn's Free Agency, Silver on the Reinsdorfs, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Knicks Fire President, Looking Ahead to Dunn’s Free Agency, Silver on the Reinsdorfs, and Other Bulls Bullets

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  • Forget trades, let’s talk about firings! ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski announced that the New York Knicks will part ways with President Steve Mills. Owner Jim Dolan will now begin interviewing candidates with his sights set on Toronto’s Masai Ujiri.

  • Firing the team’s president two days before the trade deadline is a pretty bonkers move. While the team may have been looking to clear front-office fat for a while, choosing to ax Mills at this time is bold (Michael: Bold is one word for it. Dumb is another). However, once an amusing dumpster fire to distract from the Bulls mess, the Knicks are the first to actually do something about their highly questionable front office. I wouldn’t consider myself “jealous” of the Knicks, but I sure hope the Bulls are taking notes. If New York can step up and fire its President during the hottest transaction time of the season, Chicago can make a legitimate move of their own at an even more appropriate time.
  • The Bulls announced this morning that Kris Dunn will be re-evaluated in two weeks after confirming his MCL sprain. The injury comes right before the NBA trade deadline, which most likely takes any interest in a possible transaction off the table. While the All-Star break could give Dunn some additional time to heal-up, there is no telling how long until he’s back to full health. The news means the Bulls will likely have to deal with his restricted free agency this offseason and based on his defensive breakout, it isn’t crazy to think Dunn will draw some interest from other squads.
  • This injury could also play a vital role in his qualifying offer. If Dunn starts six more games, his $4.6 million offer sheet will increase to $7.1 million. However, if Kevin Anderson’s projection is correct (that other teams will pay over $7 million a year for Dunn anyway), there’s no reason Dunn would sign the qualifying offer to begin with.

  • FWIW: I also think Dunn will have a legitimate market come this summer. It’s purely speculative, but I wouldn’t expect him to sign the qualifying offer sheet as of now. If I’m Dunn, I happily hit free agency and see what I can get.
  • NBC Sports Chicago released the second part of their interview with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, so check it out:

  • Also, before you freak out about Silver saying the Reinsdorfs will eventually “get it right,” remember he’s not going to just sit there and bad mouth an NBA owner. Overall, he has some interesting thoughts on the teams that are struggling to find their footing right now.
  • Yesterday, we found out “good teams” around the NBA have been contacting the Bulls about Zach LaVine’s availability. According to ESPN’s Zach Lowe, Chicago hasn’t listened to a single suitor. To be clear, I’m not all aboard the “trade LaVine” express, but this team is in no position to not pick-up the phone. The Bulls must do their due diligence.

  • News also broke yesterday that LaVine will participate in the NBA 3-point shootout. All together let’s do a long, disappointed “yyyaaaaayyyyy.” While the Bulls will at least have some kind of representation during the weekend’s festivities, a dunk contest appearance would just taste so much sweeter.
  • But, heck, if he gets as hot as that one night in Charlotte, he could become the first player to ever win both the dunk contest and 3-point shootout trophy.

  • LaVine spoke with SLAM about growing up in the NBA and becoming a member of the Chicago Bulls: “We’re in a little bit of a downslope right now, we started the rebuilding process and right now we’re underachieving to what we thought our goals for the year were. But it’s a great opportunity to help get this franchise back to a place where it should be—a top-3 franchise, a top-3 market in the world. The fan base here is incredible. What’s not to love? It’s a great city.” At least his hearts in the right place.

  • Chicagoans Patrick Beverley and Derrick Rose will battle in the Skills Challenge.

  • Are the Pistons blowing it up?


  • But not Coby White’s …

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.